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Reality Rehash has moved!

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Restarting and Re-linking

Reality Rehash is starting up again and we can now be found at a new link:

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BB8 Possible Cast Released

A list of the rumored cast for BB8 is now released!

To see it go to

To chat about the cast with fellow fans head to the chatroom at

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Vote in the Big Brother Top 20 Countdown!

Live Wire Big Brother is holding the second season of our Big Brother Top 20 Countdown : Favorite Memories!

 We are searching for the top 20 favorite memories in Big Brother history! Want your memories to make the cut? Then head on over and vote today!

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Play Survivor! ONLINE!

Ever wish you could play a game full of secrets but haven’t had the chance to play in Big Brother Secrecy? Well now is your chance to experience the secrets as we take you outside the house and into the world of SURVIVOR!

SURVIVOR SECRECY is a brand new creation brought you by the host of BB Secrecy. Applications are now open for a season like never before. A secret location has been chosen and a secret amount of castaways will be selected to wash up on the shores of Secrecy island to play an all out secrecy filled game.

Of course I cannot reveal the structure or twists of the game, but this is Secrecy so of course there WILL be secrets. I assure you that EVERYONE will ALWAYS be on their toes. This will not be your average Survivor as secrets fill the game and everyone will always be wondering if they could be the next to go. The game will be very fast paced and will have a good amount of live challenges occurring between 8 and 10pm est.

Do you have what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast while vying for the crown of Survivor Secrecy winner? If you do then apply today! Applications will be open for a minimum of one week, but after that I can close applications at will, so make sure to get yours in early!

To Apply Click Here:

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Pirate Master Preview

CBS now has a preview video and website up for the new pirate themed show Pirate Master.

 It seems similar, yet totally different the Survivor. They briefly go over the dynamics of the game but I think it will make more sense when we get to know more.

Click Here for the Video

Click Here for the Pirate Master website

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Kung Fooing in Hong Kong

The Amazing Race has never had so many tense and dramatic moments in airports then this season. It seem everyone is always arguing, crying or missing a flight and its all in the first 15 minutes of the show. Charla and Mirna got stuck in another fight but this time with the Beauty Queens. Everyone seems agitated at the girls for yielding Dani/Eric and it’s doing helping them like they had hoped. After both teams tried to bump each other off a waiting list it was the cousins vs the queens in a fight to get on the plane. Mirna dished out most of the comments while Charla just watched. They both ended up getting on the plane and it was Eric and Dani who missed out.

When they got to Hong Kong, Danny and Oswald were the first to arrive and learned there was a second Fast Forward. They somehow had the chance to take ANOTHER fast forward even though they had the last one with Uchenya and Joyce. I’m not sure when they started allowing people to take more then one, but hey it’s their show. The two had to take a ride in a stunt car that slided on its side. Oswald didn’t seem to want to do it but ended up giving in since he “came for the million.” The obviouslly came in first place and shows the fast forward isn’t what is used to be.

The remaining three teams had a rather amusing Detour to perform. Not only did they have to climb up an 11 story building, but they also had to avoid kung foo fighters along the way! Mirna kicked the fighters a few times while Dustin did the same. It would have been great to see one of the teams actually get knocked off from the fighters, but I doubt they could fight back.

Dustin and Kandice and Charla and Mirna were rather neck and neck until the ferry ride came along. The blondes took the right ferry, while Charla and Mirna were actually driven to the port where the ferry was supposed to land. They ended up taking a ferry back to the main land and had to then take a ferry back to the island, putting them closer with Dani/Erc who flew in a few hours behind them.

The Road Block was amusing as well, kicking down doors to find a clue. I’m not sure who thought of that one but it was fun to watch! Kandice found the clue pretty quickly and they were off to claim second place. Charla took the Road Block and let us know just how strong her legs were… although it did take her forever to find the clue. Eric was the one to do the Road Block and found the clue fairly easy as well.

It was a race between the cousins and Eric/Dani with Charla and Mirna coming in third place. Althouth they were last, Dani and Eric claimed a non-elim

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In Search of: Spring Breakers

This Sunday I bring you a show from mtvU looking for Spring Breaker’s to share their stories. Did you have an exciting spring break and recorded the whole thing? Read below to find out how you can start on the show:

mtvU wants to know what you are up to this spring break.

Do you have a camera and plan on shooting whatever is going on? If so, mtvU wants to share your footage with the world. We are looking for students doing anything from partying in Peru to sitting on your butt at home while your mom does your laundry. No plans are too big or too small for us to feature.

Click Here to Apply:

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Who Stole The Camp!?!?

Survivor, like Amazing Race, pulled out all the stops in one little episode with not one, not two, but three twists in one night! The game officially started when Moto and Ravu were both told to boat their way to exile island. Could they possibly be living on the snake infested beach? Nope, the production crew just needed some time to um, “steal” a few things. So they all go to Exile Island and find that they have now merged. They were given purple buffs and told to paddle back to Moto beach, where they got the shock of their lives.

Everyone was happy to be living in the original home they all built together but when they got “home” everything was stolen! I mean they should have thought they would take all the good stuff away. Mookie got the short end of the deal and never experienced luxury, but hey he didn’t really deserve it in my eyes. So it seems the “four horsemen” (don’t they know that name was used ages ago in BB5) think they are running the game, but Dreamz is on the outs since Mookie played it stupid and told him about the hidden idol. It angered the other two, Alex and Ed, and Ed even said he would kill Mookie if anyone finds out. Now that would be interesting for sure!

Nothing exciting occurred up until the immunity challenge. They all walked in and you could see the fear on their eyes as they saw, once again, their orange and green colors. Jeff pulled out a bag, that’s never good, and divided the merge tribe into two teams. For the immunity only half of them would go to TC, meaning they were essentially still on tribes. Jeff then pulled out a note, once again not a good thing, and they started up the challenge.

They first had to remember a set of symbols before floating down a river, gathering three puzzle bags off a coil. Yau was really good, once again, and helped pull ahead of the other team. They were rather neck and neck in the end buy Alex, Dreamz, Stacey, Michelle and Mookie ended up loosing to the others. Jeff pulled out the note and said they had to go to TC immediately, another shocking twist trying to salvage what is left of the season.

At TC there were two old Ravu and thre old Moto. Plus there were 3 of the 4 horsemen but Stacey somewhat counts as the fourth for them. Mookie talked to Dreamz about voting out Stacey before the IC even went down, so I was really expecting her to go as did those back at camp. Dreamz pulled a fast one on Mookie and voted out Michelle, giving one of the better people still on the show a fall out of the game.

Hopefully the next episode is as explosive as the preview says, too many twists seem to be weighing down this season and hopefully it can pick up soon enough!

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But my ego hurts real bad!

This week on America’s Next Top Model a few girls shone and the rest proved that w/out criticism they have become a little too comfortable in their roles. The show began with my favorite Sister, Tia Mowry. She was there to teach the girls to act, and she clearly had her work cut out for her. So the girls had to wear hats and embody the characters the hats told them to be. They didn’t just say the line, “I deserve to be
America’s Next Top Model”, but they said the lines as though they were witches (Natasha), clowns (Brit), and prairie girls? (Renee). Needless to say, it was weird. Tia thought they were all good, so she must be blind, and she then gave them scripts. The girls tried to memorize their lines, and subsequently met Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite…. Lucky!!!!!!!!!

First they were melodramatic, so Renee really shined. Then they had to be divas, so Natasha looked retarded. Finally they had to be perky, so Jael looked ridiculous. Jaslene forgot her lines, and Pedro pretended it was hard to pick a winner, but he finally chose Renee. She got to pick a friend, which must have been difficult since she clearly has no friends, but she decided to pick Dionne. Their prize? T-shirts…. Cue the crickets. It was anti-climactic, but Renee seemed pleased, so who am I to judge.

The next morning, back at their pad, the girls were innocently relaxing pool side when all of the sudden… commercial break, One Tree Hill looks good this week, and if you live in Philly you know that the CW Philly is….. So Philly, So You… And we’re back. Where was I? Oh yes, the surprise, Renee and Dionne’s real prize from their acting win was a visit from their children, and in Renee’s case her husband and in Dionne’s case her mother and sister. It turns out Dionne’s mother is paralyzed because some guy shot her, which is a horrific story and I couldn’t believe they went right from that to a clip of Renee playing happily with her son. I was like, wait a second, Dionne’s mom was shot? I was also kind of sorry for Natasha who didn’t get to see her daughter, although every time I hear her talk to her husband I remember how old he is… ew.

Ok, on another note, let’s skip to the photo shoot. Mr. Jay is nuts. The girls are portraying ex-ANT Models. And then there is a Payless plug, how creative, and out come the actual models the girls are about to portray. How fun. The girls are actually posing with the girls they are posing as. Bre tries to steal granola bars from Jaslene… cute, let’s pretend Bre wasn’t completely nuts. Next up… wait, did Natasha just say she doesn’t want to do this photo shoot? Damn, another commercial. Caridee is pretending she deserved to be ANTM last season, which is completely untrue,
Melrose was robbed… Cingular doesn’t drop calls but they do constantly change their name commercial… Pussycat Dolls are down to 5… and finally we’re back. Mr. Jay thinks Natasha should get over it and just shoot and… she does. This was anti-climactic. Next Natasha shoots with Michelle via season 4, aka flesh eating skin girl. Natasha did well; she really sucked it up, good for her. Whitney, who is undeniably annoying, will be portraying Shannon from Cycle 1 who refused to pose nude. Jael is Rebecca fainting in cycle 4. This photo shoot is weird. Anyway, Brit is a triplet with Amanda and Michelle. Renee is Joanie getting her tooth removed. Dionne is Kim kissing in the limo, and she is scared of kissing a girl and apparently doesn’t even kiss her own boyfriend. Dionne is nuts. She giggled throughout the entire shoot and apparently is a lesbian now. Thank God that’s over.

Elimination. Call Out: Dionne, Natasha, Brittany, Renee, Jaslene. Bottom 2: Whitney and Jael. Before I see the loser my guess is Whitney. The real loser? Whitney, I am 3 for 3 people.

Next week at 8 on the CW… all I know is that they are going on vacation, and I think the destinationn is Australia, baby!

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