Posted by: Joe Reality | February 21, 2007

Another Roadie Surrenders to “The Pit”

Another episode of Road Rules 2007 came and went last night with another Roadie basically throwing themselves into the “pit”. To catch you up if you haven’t been watching, the pit is basically like an Inferno or Gauntlet challenge. But this time the losing player gets kicked off the RV while the winner becomes the new player to the game. It could have been an interesting concept but removing half of the “viewer’s revenge” took the fun out of the show. To be honest I’m not too impressed with this welcome back season of Road Rules. I was excited to see some notable backstabbers and drama starters ride the RV once again, but this time it just seems “fake”.

Road Rules used to be able 6 semi-normal people riding around in an RV and attempting challenges. Along the way we saw them party and usually fight now and again. This time we see the Road Rulers still in an RV but never driving it. Basically they camp out at a local camp ground in California and “drive” to drop off and pick up new players. Another thing adding to the lack of reality is the fact they aren’t always on the RV. It’s pretty obvious they aren’t always RVing as ex-Road Ruler turned blogger for Fox Reality, Mark Long, reported seeing Kina at a Grammy party WHILE she was supposed to be filming RR. What kind of show is that when outside influences can effect the game? They can probably even watch the epsidoes! Is MTV trying to trick us or don’t they care enough to even make the show seem “real”.

Another thing that irks me with this season is how the veterans don’t even want to be there. First we have Veronica who doesn’t even care that she lost the pit challenge to newbie Tori. Next we have Adam and Susie trying to throw themselves in to being eliminated. If your going to commit to a game commit to it, don’t just show up and then ask to be sent home. The most obvious one had to be Abe who punched his way (once again) out of the show. After throwing a punch at Adam, Abe laughed and ran to the RV to pack is stuff. Did he want to quit and they wouldn’t let him, forcing him to such drastic measures to leave they game? That we may never know. Then we have last nights episode where Kina, out of the blue, tells the others that she had decided to put herself up for elimination. Why are all the veterans so adamant about leaving the show? In my opinion they should just pick 6 of the pit crew members and just let them finish out the game rather then allowing the veterans to ruin it by quitting. That’s the only way I see to save the show. MTV got what they wanted at least, a new crop of hopefuls for the challenges.

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