Posted by: Joe Reality | February 21, 2007

Not So Stellar All Stars

So The Amazing Race is back and this time they plopped some All Stars into the racers seats, giving them a second shot at a million and 15 more seconds of fame. Most of the teams are memorable, but in my opinion there are 3 teams that don’t deserve an All Star spot. 

First is John Vito and Jill, who I feel were casted just because their “dating” staus expired. Of course the producers wanted to see them “rekindle” their relationship but as we found out by the first episode, that won’t be happening. Another thing…… who are they!?!?! I don’t remember anything but their names and I can’t even tell you want season they are from or what place they got. Like I said, they were probably casted just because of the “breakup”. But from the only episode we will see them in they sure seemed more then “just friends”.

 Next up is Oswald and Danny. Not really memorable either as I didn’t recognize them by name. They seem to be running the race well and almost seem like they could pull an “Amber”. Personally I’d rather see a more memorable team similar to them like maybe Lynn and Alex, but eh Oswald and Danny will do I guess. They seem like they can do well, at least they pulled out 2nd in the first leg. Who knows, will we have another “forgettable” win All Stars?

The last team that shouldn’t be there is Danielle and Eric from TAR9. Some may say they have a disadvantage by running with a new team-mate but I see it as an advantage. They don’t have to worry about making a mistake twice and rather can worry about the race. If they were given the chance to run with a new partner shouldn’t the others have well? Couldn’t they get anyone else from season 9 to do it again? We had some of my favorite teams from that season, David and Lori or even the Hippies would have been better then letting a “new” team run an All Star race.

Well that ends my ranting about TARAS. Of course I’ll continue to watch as I think this will be one of the best All Star type seasons done yet. Many of the teams have changed over time but the good old Dave and Mary are the same. I’ll be watching to see how they can handle the star shock of the other teams. Plus Romber and Charla and Mirna have proven to cause controversy in the past so hopefully they can pull through again. All I have to say is: where the heck are Jonathan and Victoria?

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