Posted by: Joe Reality | February 23, 2007

Moto Slips and Slides to Another Win

Survivor Fiji is showing us just what happens when the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer. Last night’s episode saw the Moto tribe continuing their winning streak in what could turn out to be another Palau-like run. Ravu seems like they would be a tough bunch, but they just can’t get it together. We first saw them once again drained from another tribal council. One good thing happened and it seems to be only the 3rd time in Survivor history, Michelle started fire without flint! It’s rather exciting to see how excited they were, even though they seemed more excited to learn they would be eating.

The only time we spend with the Moto tribe is when someone gets hurt. Last week we saw Boo fall from a hammock, puncture his eye and almost cut off a finger. This time we learn Gary aka Papa Smurf has hit the injury bug. The reward challenge was a new one for the show and would have been more interesting if they HAD to slide all the way down. It was a more light-hearted challenge but much of the voting ideas came from it. Back to Gary who had a hard fall during the challenge. That fall could cost Gary the game. As we learned, he is suffering from breathing problems. The medics didn’t seem too worried but he looked pretty bad. I’m not sure what all they gave/did to him to help but it didn’t seem like much.

The immunity challenge was a favorite of mine, the “local” food eating challenge. Ravu looked like they could win this one at first, but in the end Gary (who regained his breath) swallowed that pig’s snout for another Moto win. It’s disgusting how it plays out that the rich are always winning. I’m pulling for Ravu and hopefully they can pull it together soon.

So the editors wanted us to think Anthony was going, but it was obvious he wasn’t. Sylvia took the fall due to her lack of challenge-wise skills and overall over-powering. I have no idea why nobody questioned her about digging out of the blue. It seemed like she had a pretty big hole and Earl should have known something was up. Another thing this season has brought us is the throw-away votes at each council. Rita voted for Earl, out of the blue, and even told us she knew what she was doing. Are these people trying to get themselves voted off or is the “poorness” getting to their brains?

Next week we see Gary once again complaining about his breathing. If I had to predict I’d say he’ll be going home. From Ravu I would guess Anthony, well just because he seems to cry alot next episode.


  1. I thought the reward challenge was a pretty clever idea…Even this many seasons in, I’m still amazed with some of the stuff they come up with.

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