Posted by: Joe Reality | February 25, 2007

Slow Riders Get Bumped Out of the Race

We return to the Amazing Race All Stars with everyone rushing to the airport and some rushing just a little to fast. Seeing Romber a little nervous was amazing as they are usually in the lead. Everyone, except Romber and Danny/Oswald, were on the same flight which initially was to be about an hour behind. But for some reason, which we were never shown, the first flight was delayed forcing the two teams to suffer in the airport, just missing the flight with the full group by a few minutes. Everyone finally arrived in Lima, I think it was, where they had to search for letters hidden within a boardroom. At first I thought the Road Block would be rather easy, but a few teams scrambled since no directions were given. Mary, for once, made a smart move and was the quickest in the challenge. We learned that Dave/Mary and Charla/Mirna have an alliance, but how long will that last? Keep reading to find out!

Uchenna and Joyce were the first to the Road Block but were the last to leave. You could see Uchenna was getting rather angry but no huge explosion occurred. Everyone raced through the night in their taxi’s to the airport and everyone got the same flight to Chile. We had some drama on the airplane when Drew took Dave’s bags out of the rack. Dave tried to put them on the 1st class racks. It was rather amusing to see Dave get mad as he went and put them back in. This was the first we saw the “angry” Drew this season. He doesn’t seem to be enjoying the race this time around and it’s really showing. It might be from being sick, he had some problems during the pit stop, but he didn’t seem happy to be there before any injuries occurred.

The racers landed in Chile and from the Road Block they learned to head towards a large mine. Everyone arrived around the same time and had two choices for the Detour. It was Machine vs Hand. The teams had to either use a dump truck to fill dirt up to a designated line or use their hands and place, what seemed around 40 or 50, bolts in a large tire to secure it to huge truck. Most took hand,which in my opinion seemed harder then the machine. Only Romber and Bill/Joe took the machine and both were out rather quickly. We FINALLY had the good old Charla and Mirna back as they once again argued during a challenge. Charla needed a stool to help put the bolts on the tire, well Mirna wasn’t happy about that. She also complained that her hands were bleeding, and this was BEFORE they actually started the task.

David and Mary put most of their bolts in wrong, forcing them to redo them all and causing them to be the last to depart. It didn’t hurt them though as Charla/Mirna and Dustin/Kandice argued on the side of the road. I can understand why Charla/Mirna were angry as I would be too. The “Beauty Queens” were following Charla and Mirna who were paying to follow a taxi. The queens didn’t want to pay half, yet still wanted follow the taxi. The two teams argued for awhile which ended up with the queens driving away in disgust. I liked those two in the past, but they seem different this time around.

The drive to the pit stop hurt a lot of the teams and also ended the very quick alliance of Mirna/Charla and Dave/Mary. After Charla and Mirna drove past Kentucky, the alliance ended as Mary explained she would never align with a team again… let’s see how long that lasts. Other problems ensued as most of the teams took a right instead of a left. It ended up with half the teams heading in the wrong direction and caused much stress for Kevin and Drew. Not seeing the sign that said they could increase their speed, Drew believed everyone BUT him were speeding. Drew drove the 40km restriction that was placed on a part of the road, but after exiting the road it was increased to 50. Neither Drew or Kevin saw the sign, and ended up slowing not only themselves but everyone behind them down. Most passed the two, which ended up with the one of my favorite teams being Philiminated.

The three bottom teams, Dave/Mary, Drew/Kevin and Charla/Mirna were playing the “which team will get their first” trick the editors like the play. I didn’t want to see any of them go. Dave/Mary and Charla/Mirna came in around the same time and it was evident that Mary wasn’t too happy, seeing her now enemies standing next to her. She usually is bubbly at the pit stops, but this time around she was very upset. In the end Drew and Kevin came in last and I’m not too shocked about it. Drew had a horrible first leg and Kevin couldn’t do too much to pull him out of it. Drew was rather angry that they were eliminated and walked away from the mat, seeming a little out of it. I’m not sure what went wrong with the two but hopefully we will find them well in Elimination Station.

That’s it for this week. At first I wasn’t too happy about the episode and thought it was rather bland. But after reflecting I find it a rathher good, showing a lot about the beginning of the game. We saw a few fights along the way and it will be interesting to see how the Charla/Mirna and Dave/Mary now ex-friendship will develop. Most of the teams proved to be All Star worthy this time around while others show they aren’t what they used to be. Next week promises more fighting and even a little freak out with Danielle and a fish. Can’t wait to see that one!


  1. I think Mirna has gone crazy….Drew did seem out of it, but I think it really comes down to poor sportsmanship. He really came off like a jerk.

    The opening with Eric and Danielle was kind of funny…probably edited to look that way, but somehow I think that’s a preview of what’s to come in their relationship.

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