Posted by: Joe Reality | February 27, 2007

May The Best Rapper Win

I tuned in to VH1’s White Rapper show each week and I must say I was very pleased with this series and hope they bring it back again. It was a fresh, funny and very unique show that took aspiring white rappers and put them in “Tha White House” in the Bronx. They lyrically battled it out to win $100,000 and the title of the next white rapper. A local in the cast didn’t hurt and that’s why I started watching the show, thinking I’d stop once she was kicked off. G Child is from the same town that I go to school and it was great to finally see a local showcased on TV. She got kicked out early but stood out while she was there.

After the first few episodes I was hooked to this show and found myself really liking the characters and the challenges they and the producers put themselves in. Persia and Shamrock became my favorites after G Child left and they both made it to the F4. The show was made to be comedic but in the end it proved the rappers were serious about what they were doing and had some really great moments. I’ll never forget the music video challenge which was a few episodes ago. I STILL cannot get the “Summertime” song out of my head!

I was very pleased with Shamrock winning. John Brown was good towards the end but in the beginning I never thought he’d make it even close to winning. Hopefully VH1 realizes this show is pretty good and picks it up for another season. Not only did it bring comedy, but a fun and interesting look into aspiring white rappers. I’ll tune in even for the re-runs and hopefully I can bring you reviews for VH1’s Ego Trip’s White Rapper Show Round 2!


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