Posted by: Joe Reality | March 2, 2007

The Crazies Come Out In Fiji

In Survivor we usually have to wait a few episodes to see someone go completely crazy, but Fiji is speeding up the process as last night we got not one but TWO crazies emerging from the island. It all started with the third tribal council for Ravu ending and the tribe returning to camp. Rocky was obviously not happy about seeing Jeff again and threw a temper tantrum……. and some rocks. The tribe decided to have a pow-wow which ended in an Anthony bashing party. Rocky went ape-shit on him and blamed him for driving the tribe crazy the last few days. We finally see why Anthony was crying in the preview, maybe one of those rocks bounced off the cave and smacked him in the head.

Over at Moto the tribe was relishing in their every winning selves and it seemed like they were on vacation… all except Gary that is. He’s still laying in the same spot we saw him last episode and his condition is the same. He complains of trouble breathing and his spinning head. He’s good enough for the reward challenge though which proved to be rather interesting. The challenge was a rehash of another challenge done before in Exile Island I believe. They all had to stand on a beam and cross everyone over from one side to the other, passing everyone else on the beam. Ravu took the lead in the beginning and I was excited that they could finally win a challenge. With Michelle and Yau Man over before any Moto tribe members got across, it looked like my dream might come true! But alas, Moto recovered and found a very efficient, somewhat leap frog strategy, giving them the win. I mean the reward wasn’t that exciting anyway…….. just about 20lbs of fish and a KING SIZE BED! I so wish their camp would burn with all that ignitable cotton around.

After the reward challenge Gary plopped in his sick spot and the medics returned to our TV for the second time this season. A first for the show so early on. Gary was told that nothing seemed wrong with him, but his illness continued. After doing a few tests, Gary finally said he’d like to be evacuated and evacuated he was. His tribe didn’t seem too depressed, they rather seemed relieved. In Lisi’s words, she didn’t have anymore babysitting to do. Back on Ravu beach the Anthony bashing began again. This time everyone seemed to join on Rocky’s bandwagon and Anthony was seen as the reason they lost. Everyone was rather deprsessed so Rocky decided to lighten up the mood by pulling a Richard Hatch.

The saddness was over and Rocky did a little crossdressing for the immunity challenge. The “note in bottle” showed up once again, forcasting a game changing twist. The first, somewhat water based, challenge began as the tribemates were locked up in several cages. One tribemate from each started out by swimming to unlock another tribemate. They then had to swim (or in most cases crawl) over floating pads to unlock another tribemate. Once all but one was unlocked they then had to paddle back to shore and unlock the last player to win. Both started out rather equal, but Yau Man was the first to be unlocked for Ravu and lost ground in the lilly pads. With such a large lead, Moto came out victorious, but then we have the twist.

Lisi was the one to read the “note” out loud and told everyone that Moto now had to decide between keeping immunity or keeping their camp. I sure wish Ravu would have won this, it would have been more interesting to see what they would have chosen. Moto took the stupid way out and took their camp over immunity, giving Ravu a needed reprieve from tribal for once. Once back at camp, Dreamz made the most stupid move ever by a castaway. He basically called out who HE thought should be the ones to go (Lisi or Cassandra) and didn’t want anyone running around whispering. Um I’m not sure if he knows what show he is on or what, but you NEVER tell people what to do. We then learned that Moto has been playing the game after-all and a five person alliance was made. Lisi, Boo, Alex, Stacey and I think it’s Edgardo are the five from Moto who are working together. To be honest they seem like they could be strong, but next week could prove me wrong there.

Tribal council was rather interesting with Jeff calling a lot of things out. I still think Moto made a stupid move there to give up their immunity. As we learned before TC, the vote was between Liliana and Cassandra. Cassandra really thought she was going as she continued to tell Liliana to “stay strong” and that she “loves her”. Liliana was rather dull so I was glad when she left. She was starting to get interesting, but for me it was a little too late.

Next week the preview says that a reward challenge puts “everything on the line.” Does this mean the camp is part of the reward? If so I REALLY hope Ravu wins! Rocky and Dreamz also get into what seems like a huge fight. The challenge looked physical so that should be a showdown to watch for. Moto’s mistake becomes even more apparent as Alex complains about the “girls” move for getting Liliana out. Could that mean they lose the challenge? I sure hope so!


  1. I have a night class this semester, so I keep missing Fiji, but I must say that those people have some kick-ass names. I’m gonna get my friends to call me Moto from now on.

  2. I’d like to hope that they would have kept immunity and stayed where they were, but I have a feeling they would want the shelter. Then they probably would have just booted Anthony.

    Dreamz needs to go next week…Seriously.

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