Posted by: Joe Reality | March 4, 2007

In Search Of Sunday: “Recast My Life”

In this weeks addition of in search of Sunday, we are showcasing a new pilot that lets you recast the people in your life. Below is the description and how you can apply.


From one of the creators of “Blind Date”, a new show that will change your life forever!

Have you always wanted to trade in your sister, brother, mother or father for a new one? Do your co-workers, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife get on your last nerve? Are they rude, crude or obnoxious and you are dying at the chance to replace them?

It’s been said, “you can’t choose your family members,” well now you can! In this new pilot, we’ll help you replace anyone you want. The years of suffering are now over!

If there’s an annoying person in your life and you’ve been longing to get rid of them, now here’s your one-in-a-lifetime chance. It’s time to “recast your life.”

Email a brief story about yourself, the person you want out of your life and why. Include your ages and your contact information. Be sure to attach photos of yourself and the person you want out of your life.

Must be available the first week in March.

If interested, email your contact information as we are looking for video submissions. You will be contacted by one of the producers with the pertinent details.

To Learn How To Apply Click Here:


  1. Hey.

    So I like the site. I’ve put you on my blogroll…I was wondering if you’d mind putting me in your blogroll.

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