Posted by: Joe Reality | March 6, 2007

Slip Ups Cause Dramatic All Star Leg

First off let me make an observation. Doesn’t it seem like Amber is more excited about the race this time then Rob is? I’ll comment more on that latter. The leg began with all the teams flying away from the pit stop and for once during the season split them all up. Half the teams got a flight arriving about two hours earlier then the other, but it didn’t seem to do much. One of the most funniest Road Blocks I have seen in awhile was executed perfectly last night. Each team had to select one person to literally carry 80 fish from one tank to a holding tank. The fish were rather large and flat and had a tendency to flop around a lot. Danielle was the most entertaining to watch as she let us know, several times, that she hates fish. Some others had problems as well. Mirna and Terri cringed at the fish, but the most surprising was Dave. Mary let us know that Dave also doesn’t like fish too much, and well at first he was scared to even get into the tank. After a few minutes though that all went away and they were out of there pretty fast.

The first huge slip up of the night started with Joe and Bill. After removing all the fish from the tank, they had to read the clue off the bottom of it. Joe only got half of the clue, sending them in the wrong direction. What they had to do was find a box along a river. Half after finding the box they had to complete a Detour. The choices of white water rafting or climbing up a rock were given, but everyone chosen whitwate rafting of course. But another slip up was made here by Dustin and Candace. Somehow they stumbled onto the rafting location and thought they had to look for the clue WHILE rafting down a river. They didn’t realize this until Phil told them and off they were to keep looking for their missing clue.

The rafting was fun to watch. We knew from the preview that someone went overboard and it just happened to be Terri. Of course they go to commercial while she’s underwater and return to her safely entering the boat. I was expecting more peril, but eh you get what you get. Two more mistakes get made before the episode is up. Charla and Mirna forget their keys to the car in the changing tent. They are both still dripping wet and in bathing suits, so we see them scramble to the tent, Mirna screaming and Charla tagging along. Dave and Mary somehow got behind, I think they made a wrong turn somewhere, and were last to the Detour and ultametly last to the Pit Stop. It’s sad to see them go, but I guess better sooner then later.

Now back to the Romber thing I commented about above. Of course them came in first…. for the 3rd time in a row! But for some reason Rob doesn’t seem too excited about it. Amber is the one always jumping around excited when Phil tells them the awesome reward they get, but Rob just stands there with no emotion. After seeing the last episode of their Fox Reality show I now know why. AMBER is the one who wanted to do the show, not Rob. I mean they are good TV, but how can they keep winning? It makes no sense. Hopefully next week we have a new first place. If not I think Phil might just quit, I mean who needs him when you have Romber?


  1. The way Amber reacts to winning those prizes is kind of annoying and fake….

    Still…I’m really enjoying this season so far. Seems like Charla and Mirna are going crazy again, just like they did in their first season.

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