Posted by: Joe Reality | March 9, 2007

Crazy Talk Causes One To Walk

I’m not too excited about this episode as my hopes and dreams for Ravu winning were not answered. We opened up the episode, as always, at camp Ravu. It seems like Earl and Yau Mon are now a team, working together to find the hidden idol. I’m not sure if Earl really needs it but it seems he’s using it to gain Yau Mon’s trust. Plus hey, he knows more clues of course, so it’s a smart move for Earl. I was sad to see no opening credits, I hate when they do that!

When we return from our little break, Earl’s plan to get Yau Mon the idol begins. He hints at everyone to go and search for shells and just random food. It seemed a little odd, everyone just got up and (although they looked a little tired) did what he said. In the beginning of the episode it seemed like Earl might have a good grasp on the tribe, that changes by tribal council time though. Yau Mon stakes out where he thinks the idol is and begins to did. He didn’t seem to be doing much at first, but he did dig a pretty good size hole. Luck was once again not on Ravu’s side or even Yau Mon’s as they didn’t seem to find much food and he didn’t find the idol. I don’t  know how they won’t realize he was digging, I think some might suspect where the idol’s hidden pretty soon.


The reward challenge was PATHETIC. I really am starting to hate this have vs have nots twist as Ravu clearly has a disadvantage. 6 out of the 7 Ravu’s were easily pushed off the platform with Rita almost flying off it. Yau Mon, as old and skinny as he may be, was the only one successful at the challenge. Of course he WAS going against Stacey, but still I didn’t expect him to win. The only thing interesting about the challenge was the Dreamz/Rocky shouting match. It all started with Boo eating some Mango. Rocky and Dreamz were the first up in the matches, and of course Rocky lost. I really hope next week’s shuffle has most of the Ravu’s on the GOOD camp.

Now we come to the part where the girls of the island go totally insane. I must say, Moto is somewhat in trouble. I mean the 5 alliance does have majority on their own tribe, BUT without Dreamz and Cassandra they are royally screwed at the merge. Dreamz even told us that he will be jumping ship when the merge comes and I really cannot wait for that. My opinion of Dreamz is changing, just because he hates his tribe just as much as I hate them. It seemed like Stacey more then Lisi was being rude to the two outcasts, but both got the blame. I mean come on, atleast SHOW the guy how to make the coffee so he doesn’t waste it all! Over at Ravu it was a little more light hearted. The two girls left over there, Rita and Michelle, basically talked about makeup and lip gloss all day long. That might drive me crazy too, but Rocky going crazy about it might now have put a target on his back.

The immunity challenge was a brain puzzle and I really like this challenge. It allows the less stronger people to step up and really shows who is handling the elements. The most amusing part was Lisi’s face-plant. It was one of the BEST parts of the season, yet it was so simple. It seemed to have screwed up her brain, as she went to the wrong item. She ended up losing the turn for her tribe, well actually the tribe lost it for her I guess. They screamed at her, causing her to lose because they talked. It came down to a tie of 6 to 6 for each tribe. Rocky was up for Ravu and I really thought they had it! He ended up going to the wrong item, and allowed Cassandra to grab another win for Moto. Shoot me now.

Before Tribal Council, Rocky once again opened his mouth. He started by blaming himself for their loss, then seemed to blame everyone else. Rita chimed in a few times, but just to repeat what Rocky said. It was then shown, in my opinion atleast, that Rocky is the leader of the Ravu camp. After everyone said they were voting out Anthony, Rocky begins the anti-Rita campaign and it actually worked. All he has to do is complain and he speaks for the tribe. Rita leaving won’t effect much, since next episode there is the big shake up!

Finally! Next episode, which isn’t for two weeks by the way, there will be a shake up in the tribes, the tribal swap! Finally the Moto camp will be disbanded and FINALLY some of them will feel what Ravu has been put up with. I’d rather just see a camp switch with Ravu going to the other camp, but this will do for now.

Written By: Joe


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