Posted by: masugahau | March 9, 2007

Nice Girls Finish Last

ANTM is always a hilarious slew of slutty girls and ugly clothes, but this week takes the proverbial cake. This week the 12 girls left went back to school, high school to be more specific. The whole thing started with Miss J in school girl’s outfit. That’s how I spell fun! Miss J has these long, gorgeous legs that I would kill for. He proceeded to make the girls walk the dirt track in heels and it’s safe to say these girls do not have brains inside their heads. They were walking all over the place, completely ignoring the REALLY easy instructions.

Then came the challenge. They went INTO the high school and had a runway show!!! It was a prom runway show which meant infinitely uglier dresses, awful hair, and apparently flashing. Sarah, the skinny bitch, had no control over her top and she exposed herself for about two hundred high school students and their parents. It was hilarious. Brittany shined, however, and took home a gigantic trophy which the losers went on to mock. What bad sports. I was especially annoyed with Renee who seems to think that she’s such an amazing model and then when evidence would prove otherwise she is full of a million excuses.

The next day was a photo shoot and the girls returned to school. They were assigned those corny end of year awards like “best couple” except they were all really slutty. Jaslene rocked the class “weirdo” category, while Renee complained about being class clown. Apparently Jaslene got something she was “good at” and Renee didn’t and it’s not fair. Well, boo hoo. That girl is going to drive me nuts by the end of this show. In the end it was the youngest model, Samantha Francis, who got the boot because she was just so unsure of herself. She had the task of class tramp, and the judges didn’t think she looked trampy enough. I’m not sure how fair that decision was considering Natasha’s inability to remember her own name, but Tyra’s in charge, so it is what it is. She left well, like last week’s loser, Kathleen, so perhaps this is a new age for top model. One in which the girls have the teensiest bit of perspective on life. If only, If only.

Next Wednesday on the CW at 8:00 pm EST catch where, my sources say, there will be some candy-coated models.

Written by: Chelsea


  1. Ugh, could Renee be any more full of herself? She wants everything her way, and when it isn’t, she can’t handle it.

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