Posted by: Joe Reality | March 13, 2007

When Bad Luck Makes Good TV

Sunday night brought us THE most shocking and heart pounding episode of the Amazing Race in a VERY long time. I must say, I still can’t believe who got eliminated and I’m still not sure how it happened. The night begin with all the teams flying to Punta Arenas, Chile. We had some interesting interview snippets along the way with Rob telling us he hasn’t reached his peak game yet, while Eric basically called Danielle a guy. All the teams, except Bill/Joe and Charla/Mirna made the first flight with Ian/Terri just making it on after begging. Guidos didn’t want anything to do with Charla and Mirna as they tried barricade themselves into their seats. Didn’t they receive help from them last round? The Guidos will never change, it seems they might be outcasts just like in TAR1.

The first challenge was between setting up a bunch of signs in a certain order or navigating through the streets, searching for the Nautilus building. Everyone who did the navigation finished rather quickly, while everyone doing the signs got hung up on one thing or another. Rob and Amber made the most mistakes in this one and for once it wasn’t Amber’s fault. Rob continually misspelled Philippines, causing his signs to always be wrong. Rob and Amber and Candice and Dustin all gave up together and moved onto the navigation together, hurting Romber once again. Guido, who was on the later flight, ended up passing both teams, showing how much time the signs wasted. Rob once again took the lead and said he knew where the building was. He ended up going to to wrong place, hurting not only him and Amber but Dustin and Candace as well.

The first three teams to do the navigation task got the first three spots on the first charter plane with the rest tagging along on the second charter plane, leaving THREE hours later. I must say, that’s a dramatic time gap and somewhat told us who the first three to check into the Pit Stop would be. Mirna and Charla were rather far behind yet decided to do the sign task. They were back to their bickering selves with Mirna complaining that she has to do everything. It’s interesting how those two have such a bipolar relationships.

When the teams get to Argentina, AKA “The End of the Earth” they first must search for a clue at a local ship. One interesting thing happened here and that’s the little quarrel between Rob/Amber and Charla/Mirna. Amber blatently told the two cousins that she found the clue down the wrong road. When confronted she lied again, saying it wasn’t them who she was talking to but her “husband” Rob. We does Amber find it amusing to turn into Rob, I mean come on.

An equalizer forced everyone to wait at the dock and chat. Romber boasted about their lie to Mirna and Charla, until they arrived that is. Then they took it all back. They got their due though I must say. The road block was interesting, having letters from teams from their first season on the race. A few teams were rather nasty in their letters, but I’m sure they had help writing them from the producers.

It came down to only Mirna and Rob still looking for letters and here is where the heart began to pound. Somehow Mirna, who arrived later, found her letter quicker. But as we know that doesn’t always means they are faster, and in this case that was true. Amber seemed rather happy that Rob was behind, she didn’t seem upset that’s for sure. Once Rob found the letter it all broke loose. We had shots of both teams running up the mountain to find Phil, not knowing until the last second who would come in last. Even though they might have stumbled along the way (or well fell flat on their face), Mirna and Charla came in second to last and beat out the ultimate team of Rob and Amber. I still don’t know how you can go from winning the first three legs and then coming in last. But the same thing happened to Alison from Big Brother when she ran the race. Maybe it’s the reality tv couple curse.

Next time we see more arguments erupt in the race and hopefully more heart pounding action. My guess to go next week is Terri and Ian, just because with Romber gone I’m sure they will start to get on my nerves.

Written By: Joe


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