Posted by: Joe Reality | March 15, 2007

Return to the Road Isn’t That Great

I haven’t watched Road Rules 2007 for a couple weeks now and decided to tune in for last nights episode. It doesn’t seem like I missed much as there is only one new person on the bus. Angel, who took over for Susie, was “given” her spot when Susie let her win. It seems Kina and Angel had a duel in the pit, ending with Angel calling Kina a “transvestite”. I can see where that comes from and this girl has surely secured a spot in many upcoming challenges just for that. Now that Angel is on the bus it seems their fued as escalated. They both avoid each other in the recap for the episode and continue to bicker. That’s about all that was exciting about the challenge, the recap.

The actual “challenge” for the episode was rather boring. Four of the roadies were hooked up to a sling-shot type thing that flung them over the water. Two of the roadies were on a floating raft and had to catch a ball thrown from the flying player. Dan was the only one to score meaning they lost a second challenge. Apparently they lost one while I wasn’t watching, and why am I not surprised? This means two of them now have to go to the Pit Crew. They were using a rotational thing where they would each go in based on the last time they went in. It was supposed to be Tori’s turn, but since everyone hates Angel they sent her in instead along with Shane. I really hope Angel comes back, she’s the only exciting thing on the show. And hey if she doesn’t, I’m sure we’ll see her again in a few month.

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