Posted by: Joe Reality | March 19, 2007

The Amazing Rat Race

I must say the dynamic of the show has change SO much since Rob and Amber are out of the game. It’s a different show and will become a very different season now. The leg began with the teams meeting an equalizer before riding up a ski lift. Still at Argentina, the teams had to use a Glacier Beacon to find clues buried under the ground. Digging was oddly a theme of the episode for some reason. A few teams ragged on the Guidos for getting at the pit stop so early and we even learned (with much disgust) what their preference of underwear is, I’ll leave it at that.

It was nice to see the teams having to WORK to find a clue and brought a few of the teams to near breaking points. Dustin and Candice (again… what is wrong with these girls lately!) screwed up and missed all the equipment before running up the mountain. Charla and Mirna had the perfect comment, letting us know how stupid the two Beauty Queens are. Ozzy and Danny had a little fight, in Spanish of course, over the whole ordeal. Neither could find the clue and both were getting frustrated. They seemed to be the whiners of the episode, more so then Danielle for once.

All the teams were then off to Africa on the same flight. On the way to the Road Block in Africa, a new fight occurred between the Guidos and Erin and Danielle. It seems Eric loves annoying the Guidos, who got mad because they tried to pass them. Didn’t they pass how many teams several times in both races? I’m not sure what’s up the Guidos butt…. Anyway, the Road Block was rather amusing. Phil pops up with a huge rat, petting it like cat. The teams had to navigate the rate through a rope course type thing to find the flag hidden by a buried deactivated bomb. It looked painful, just because they didn’t have any clue what they were doing.

The last team to do the rat race was Charla and Mirna as their rat was more into “cleaning itself” then actually looking for the flag. It’s so weird how those two girls always are in last at some point, yet are still in the game. It was then off to do two tasks, either hauling coal or painting nails. Obviously we know which would be easier, and it ended up being faster as well. All three teams who ended up doing the nail painting came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Is it just me or have the detours been off balance lately? It seems there has been a really easy, fast one vs a really hard, tedious one. I’m not sure why that is, but hey who knows. The coal challenge was pretty funny as the teams came out dirty as hell. But for some reason there wasn’t THAT much complaining, which surprised me. Even Danielle didn’t complain, that’s a first!

Charla and Mirna came in first for their very first time. It was nice to see them in first for once, I actually like them, a little. Dustin and Candice got lucky to be in second as were Ian and Terri for third. They were both behind but the nail painting shot them to first. One VERY amusing that that happened was when Danny and Oswald pulled up to the matt. They told Phil they were about to hug him, causing Phil to run around the campus of their Pit Stop, chased by Danny and Oswald. As he returned to the matt he tried to gain control, and all out of breath told them what place they came in.

I called that this was going to be a non-elimination leg. It was the right time for it I think and saved a rather strong team. I have another prediction for the future, and that’s that someone will be shaving their head again! I mean it wouldn’t be All Stars if they didn’t even attempt it.


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