Posted by: masugahau | March 21, 2007

Next Top Model : Recap

Last week on ANTM:

The girls got naked and covered in candy.
Brittany wasn’t too pumped, but she wasn’t the one expelled from the game. Cassandra went bye-bye this round due, unsurprisingly, to her lack of personality in her pictures. I didn’t even know who Cassandra was, lol, so I think it’s safe to say she won’t be missed.

This week on ANTM:

The girls learn to vogue. Madonna would be so proud. Felicia and Whitney proved that they, too, could pose whereas Renee and Jael acted a fool. The real story this week was Renee’s so-called transformation. She didn’t transform as much as pretend to be nice for five minutes before throwing another fit. When she doesn’t win she just freaks out. She called her boyfriend and asked him to pick her up. I was like, no, don’t do it, don’t be so freaking Australian (note: on Australia’s Next Top Model each season some girl or another has gotten her boyfriend to pick her up). She went into the dead-girl photo shoot with a pretty good attitude but even Jay liked her, which was shocking to me.

In the photos they had to pretend to be killed. If you all remember, in Cycle 4 Kahleen had a friend at home die and the next day she had to pretend to be dead in a grave. Déjà vu my friends, Jael’s friend died last week of an overdose and this week she had to be a strangled model. The difference between these two girls, however, was that Kahleen took an amazing picture and Jael, well, did not. Nigel liked it, but I think we can all agree she didn’t do too great.

Deliberation. Felicia’s was the only photo that the judges didn’t seem to love, so I thought she was a shoe-in. Tyra only had 9 photos in her hands. The first name she called was, Renee. OMG, but she did have a great photo, so I can’t really pick on her too much.
Natasha, Brittany, Jael, Whitney, Jaslene, Diana, and Sarah. Felicia and Dionne were the final two. I never noticed Dionne until this week, so I basically didn’t care which girl went. And I was right, Felicia went bye-bye this week. Little Tyra as they so lovingly call her, is no longer on her way toward becoming
America’s Next Top Model.

Tune in next Wednesday at 8 to the CW to catch the models posing as men!


  1. I think it really sucked that Felicia was going home, I didn’t really noticed her too, but her pictures were pretty good. Besides: I thought Tyra was finally going to find her mini-me the winner of America’s Next Top Model.

    Mathijs from Holland (yeah isn’t that weird xD)

  2. I know! Every season of Top Model there is a little Tyra but that chick never wins!

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