Posted by: Joe Reality | March 22, 2007

Odd Man ‘IS’ Out

Survivor Fiji returned last night with a somewhat explosive and rather eventful episode. The fun started right away as before the first commercial break the Survivor’s were told to drop their buffs. Edgardo and Earl stepped up for their tribes, but were not told what they would be doing. Everyone looked rather shocked at the twist and I think it was much needed. A few interesting things came from the swap. Rocky, oddly, chose Dreamz to be on the new Ravu. He was the only guy left on his old tribe to choose from, so that’s probably why he was chosen. The other thing that shocked me was Lisi, who basically just quit the game. After being told she was NOT being sent home, Lisi seemed upset. What the hell! I mean they know that twists will be coming, she just can’t take the fact that her alliance (that was carrying her along) was no longer with her. She screwed herself over big time and will probably go right from exile to a plane back home. The all male tribe ended up going to the Ravu camp. I SO wanted Stacey to end up on the poor side, she wouldn’t have lasted a second.

At the new Moto camp, Yau Mon, Earl and Michelle finally got to experience the high life. It was great to see how their faces lit up at the sight of the bed and even more so to the coffee. Earl proclaimed himself the new master of the tribe, how everyone must go through him. Are we seeing a little Richard Hatch clone in the works? Him and Yau immediately started fishing, something they never got to do over on Ravu. It’s obvious that the old Motos don’t know how to do work as none of them really did much to help them. Cassandra is the only old Moto that I really like. She never fit in with her old tribe and is making the move to jump ship to the three old Ravu’s. I somewhat want them to lose at immunity just because I know Boo or Stacey would be leaving.

The new Ravu is somewhat still in shambles as they simply sit on the ground, talk and eat. Anthony is immediately on the outside of the tribe as we know he doesn’t feel comfortable around most of the guys there, and now he’s on an all guy tribe. Somehow they got fishing gear and everyone went out to catch some fish, well except Anthony. He stayed back, alone, to tend to the fire and boil the water. If he only knew that the hidden idol was right under his nose….

The immunity challenge was exciting yet seemed rather complicated. They were all attached to one end of a 6 point star that had shifting pipes. It’s hard to explain in words, I’ll post a video if I can find it. The two tribes had to maneuver, while connected, through several gates that got smaller as they went. The tribes were rather even throughout the whole thing. Their paths crossed about four times, and each time they had a scuffle. It was great TV when the two got stuck at the intersection and had to fight through way through. Moto had a good strategy and climbed OVER the other tribe, which seemed to pay off. It came down to the wire as both were close to the finish. The new Moto pulled through and came out with the win. For once I’m happy that Moto won, I never thought I’d say that.

Ravu was now going back to tribal council for about the millionth time. It was between Anthony and Rocky, but we all knew who was getting the boot. Rocky seems to have become more annoying on the new Ravu. He’s almost taken the Rita role and it bossing everyone, especially Anthony around. Anthony asks several people if he is going and as usual nobody tells him to his face.

One of the most explosive tribal councils happened this episode with Anthony and Rocky really going at it. Rocky started it off, giving Anthony “advice” on how to be social and to speak his mind. Jeff kind of pushed the fight along, asking Anthony why he doesn’t stick up for himself. This just led to Anthony almost trying to prove that he can stick up for himself by fighting it out with Rocky. Both went back and forth for awhile and ended with Anthony telling the tribe how much he really wants to stay. He sure did garner some sympathy but the guys still ended up voting him out.

Next week Lisi joins the poor tribe (she deserves it too!) and realizes that her little remarks pre-exile screwed her big time. The one challenge they showed seems to be rather funny. We first see a shot of Yau running blindly into a pole and then the best shot ever…. Michelle falling off the shouting podium! That’s sure one to watch, just to see how further Lisi can dig herself into a hole!

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