Posted by: Joe Reality | March 27, 2007

When Good Flights Go Bad

The last episode of the Amazing Race All Stars was basically all done in airports. I must say at first it seemed like it would be a rather dry episode, but with some good editing and some snarky remarks we had another interesting TAR leg. Charla and Mirna boasted at their first place win and hoped for another. Dustin and Candace hoped for a first leg finish as well, but as we have seen before they are awful this time around. The cousins were the first to feel the wrath of the airport as no offices were open except for one. Where they begged and talked in their fake accents once again, getting nothing done.

Everyone stayed overnight at the hotel except for the Guidos and Ian/Teri, who complained the WHOLE time. Is it just me or does she want to quit?They were all told that the only flight was through standby. All the teams except for the cousins stayed. Charla and Mirna played it very risky this leg but also very smart. The ended up praying their way with flights that got them there almost a day ahead of the other teams.  The others ended up all with standby seats. Only three teams got onto the flight, those who left for the hotel.

Well almost all three teams got onto the flight. Dani and Eric ended up being kicked off for having someone else’s seats, leaving Dani in a crying spout. Hmmm, I wonder why she did so bad in her first season. Charla and Mirna landed in Tanzania only to find that their boat was “delayed because of the weather”. I highly doubt that, the producers probably didn’t want them so far ahead. Everyone else, except for the Guidos and Teri/Ian finally arrived in Tanzania and we finally moved from the airport into the ‘real world’.

The cousins and Danny and Oswald were on the first boat. 3/4 of them were having a good time while poor Charla puked her way along the river. They arrived at their destination and had a Detour to face. Both teams chose to put a puzzle of fish together with Danny/Oswald coming out first. They were on their way to a road block but decided to stop for some fruit. What the hell! Charla and Mirna ended up passing them, allowing Mirna to break a mask with a club first, giving the cousins ANOTHER first place finish. Who would have thunk it?

Candance/Dustin and Uchenna/Joyce were the next two to take the boat ride. Uchenna/Joyce took the same Detour as before, but Dustin and Candice were the only one to take a log carrying challenge. It didn’t seem THAT hard, but they acted like they were awesome at it or something. It must have hurt them though as they came in fourth, even though Uchenna and Joyce had to wait the 30 minute penalty for their “marking”.

Dani and Eric grabbed an early flight then the last two teams and obviously came in next, meaning the Guidos or Teri and Ian would be the next to go. I knew who it would be, considering how the night went at the airports. The Guidos pulled ahead at the puzzle giving them the lead. Teri and Ian couldn’t catch up and I’m somewhat happy about that. She was getting on my nerves, I thought it was the opposite way around last time, oh well.

Next week we have a special 2 hour episode that looks like a doozy. Charla falls flat on her face, once again, and Dani throws a fight, once again. Hopefully Dustin and Candice screw up, once again, just so I can say they are the most stupid team ever, once again.


  1. I have to agree with your assessment of the real reason the boats where delayed. Those sure didn’t look like storm clouds to me. But nice try…

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