Posted by: Joe Reality | March 29, 2007

Probst Reflects on Present and Future

In an interview with JAM! Showbiz, Jeff Probst gave his opinion on Survivor Fiji and on the future of Survivor as a whole.

He admits that the rich/poor twist didn’t work out so well and says he didn’t even agree with it to begin with. Probst then goes on to say that the “season isn’t over yet”, so hopefully it gets even better! They also hint in the article that Earl and Yau Mon do some sort of “best moment” ever. At least Jeff says it’s one of his favorite moments so it must be good.

The future of Survivor was then discussed and Jeff  says that a cold-climate Survivor may be next on the list of locations, Canada to be exact. I’m not sure how a “cold show” would do, I mean do we really want to see people shivering all the time? What do you guys think of a cold-weather Survivor?

He also mentions that an All Star season could come up again. I could see that happening since the show only has two more seasons scheduled, hopefully it will get picked up again after that! Jeff didn’t like the first All Stars and mentions that a show of early boots or even a show of half All-Stars half new people could be in the works. We shall see!

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