Posted by: Joe Reality | March 29, 2007

When Veterans Attack

So I returned to Road Rules 2007 last night after missing a week, and once again not much has changed. Susie is now back on the RV along with Dave, they took over for Angel and Shane in the last Pit. The episode began with Dan, the Marine, in the Pit against Derek, a new pit crew member. It seems Dan and Tori have “broken up” which is funny since I don’t even remember them being together.

Dan ended up losing the pit and that means a new Pit Crew member is on the RV. We see that Dave and Derek aren’t too happy about their situation. It seems the veterans on the show pulled Tori in and declared they will send both Dave and Derek into the Pit each week because they deserve to be on the RV since they were there the longest. Well if you are the FIRST ONES on the RV, your going to be there the longest. Duh!

So at the challenge they had to use a farm tractor to pull 13 items stuck in a pit of mud. It didn’t seem that hard and they had 40 minutes to do it. They got most of them out quickly until it came down to the last one. Susie drove over the chain, wrapping it around the tracker wheel. DAVE was the one to save the day and untangle the mess, yet  the veterans still voted him in just because they could.

Will I tune in next week? The world will never know…… until next Wednesday night that is.

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