Posted by: masugahau | March 31, 2007


Last Week on ANTM: Felicia was given the heave-ho. Dionne was told she looked like a Top Model auditioner. Renee tried to be nice and basically failed.

This Week on ANTM: As the episode begins we are reintroduced to the classic catty model situation: bitching. Whitney was discussing Natasha’s family situation including the age of her husband. I would tell her to mind her own business, but truth be told I was totally interested as soon as I found out and I spent the next twenty minutes googling “Stuart Galkina”.

The challenge was to dress themselves and apparently the girls can’t. When they were put in outfits by the stylists they pointed out all these things they liked only to be told they were very, very wrong. The girls had pointed out everything that was wrong with the outfits and, hilariously enough, Natasha refused to take that criticism. She said that models are supposed to like what they are told to wear. Well, I couldn’t agree more. Natasha- 1; Stylists- 0. Later during the actual challenge Sarah won because Dionne picked out her outfit. Then Sarah, after being told she won, told the judges how much she like the blue top she had picked. She had picked? Sarah didn’t pick it. Little brat.

At the photo shoot the girls, as promised, dressed as men. Natasha completely outshone the others as a gangster man whereas Diana looked kinda like Danny Devito in her picture. Not good. Prediction- Diana goes home, bottom two with Whitney. I don’t remember Jael’s photoshoot at all, come to think, so who knows.

Haha, I do. First called, Natasha, then Dionne, then Brittany, then, my fav, Jaslene, then Sarah, then Renee, then Jael, Bottom two: Diana and Whitney. I swear I made those guesses before I finished watching the episode. Seriously, I swear. However, as I predicted, bye bye Diana. It’s funny how you can watch the pictures each week and they seem fine but all of the sudden you see all of Diana’s pictures at a time and they look really bad. Yeah, this was the right move. I’m sorry Miss Diana, I did love you dearly, but you need to want to be a model more than just “cuz”.

Tyra is so incredibly annoying. I hope Nigel hosts next cycle. Top Five Interesting Facts I Learned Watching This Episode: 5. Natasha is 22 years younger than her husband… ew.
4. Models need to know how to dress. Um, I thought they needed to know how to move in the clothes they are given to wear.
3. Renee is bipolar. She really needs to go to a therapist. Like, today.
2. You do not want to piss Diana off. She will cackle. It’s scary.
1. Renee cannot tell a mannequin from a real person. That’s not good.

Tune in next Wednesday at 8 on the CW to see 50 cent, Nicole Ritchie, and Paris Hilton.

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