Posted by: Joe Reality | April 3, 2007

The Amazing Race Gets Twisted!

I think the last two legs of the Amazing Race proved to be the most twisted episode of the series. With back to back fun we had several breakdowns, fights and overall great moments. The teams started off Zanzibar where they were given a default plane flight, but of course none of them wanted it. Several of the teams waited tremendously long to grab better seats, all but the Guidos and Dani/Eric found better tickets. One interesting thing happened at the ticket counters. Uchena and Joyce called the travel agent rather then actually going to the place. Well it ended up that all the other teams were at THAT travel agent and told the lady on the phone to just “hang up”. Now don’t you think they would have realized that Uchenna would hear them? Oh I almost forgot to mention the Dani/Eric melt down! Dani wanted to stay at the very full travel agent while Eric wanted to just take the default plane. They freaked out on each other for having bad attitudes and just being overall stupid. It was fun to watch but could have cost them the game. Had Eric listened to Dani, they could have gotten an earlier flight as soon after, the other teams finally grabbed some new tickets.

The four teams who did not take the default flight ended up in Poland, and what a country it was! Dustin and Candice arrived first, did they not screw up for once?!?!, and had to choose between fixing the pitch of a piano or taking an x-ray of a manikin. Since Dustin played the piano since she was 6, she knew what to do and put them in first place for the first time in All Stars. Danny and Oswald and Charla and Mirna both chose the piano challenge around the same time and both had many problems. Danny broke the piano cord several times and it took them several attempts to get it right, but they finally did giving them second place.

Charla and Mirna had no luck tuning the piano and gave up, heading out to the streets and to carry a manikin. While they did that, Uchenna and Joyce showed up and completed the piano challenge fairly quickly, even after looking in BATHROOMS for the pianos, they took 3rd for the leg. Back to Charla and Mirna. They had MANY problems with the locals who wouldn’t talk to them to begin with, and now they needed help while carrying a manikin! You could tell they were frustrated and almost in tears. Finally they found a girl who would speak to them, or to them someone that would actually speak period. The girl helped them find the x-ray location and they, after some bickering, found the location to the next pit stop and came in fourth place.

Eric and Dani and the Guidos had no luck with the default plane and were delayed almost 15 hours. Dani freaked out once again, saying she just wants a flight home. Doesn’t she know she has to go to Acapulco to the Elim Station before that? Joe from the Guidos freaked out as well, yelling at a PLANE to stop. It didn’t do any good, just made him look like a freak.

The next leg started without Eric/Dani and the Guidos even in Poland yet, but a equalizer quickly fixed that. Those who were onto the next leg quickly learned they didn’t have a chartered bus ride for about another 12 hours, so we didn’t seem much of them for awhile.

Eric and Dani and the Guidos finally arrived in Poland. Eric and Dani took the Piano Detour and we see them actually rather calm. Even though Eric broke a string, Dani didn’t freak out or cry, I’m impressed! Joe and Bill tried their hand at the x-ray Detour and were rather impressed by the manikins. It was a race to get the Detour done and Eric and Dani finished faster, coming in 5th place for the leg. This meant the Guidos were out, but wait! Of course they would have a non-elim leg, I mean it was a two hour episode, anyone could have seen that coming. Even though they were about 10 hours behind, the Guidos were spared and became marked for elimination.

The next “officially” began and the first charter bus left at 1pm with Dustin/Candice, Oswald/Danny and Uchenna/Joyce on route to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The teams arrived and the show became somewhat like a documentary, showing us scenes from around the camp. It was a rather nice touch to the show and added a much need “history” lesson that the show had been lacking for awhile. The teams first had to light a candle in remembrance and all were touched.

And then BOOM another twist hits the teams. After having a touching moment, the producers decide to pull out last seasons Intersection sign, forcing the teams to pair up to create 4 person teams. Uchenna/Joyce and Oswald/Danny were the first two teams to the intersection and BOOM another twist! The fast forward shows up and both teams decide to take it. It was rather easy, having to count the number of steps in two towers. I mean come on, who didn’t want to see Joyce shave her head again? They obviously both came in first but only one, Uchenna/Joyce get the first place prize.

Dustin and Candice had to wait three hours for another team to arrive since the second bus left that much later. The remaining three teams all had to light candles and we had less of a history lesson then before. Candice and Dustin tell us that they don’t want Charla and Mirna to be intersected with them, but of course that’s what happens. Oh how I love good timing! They were given a Detour while intersected and both new teams chose to make sausage then eat 2 feet of it each. Then the barfing ensued!

Both teams were neck and neck for awhile, even though the all girl team got their first. We saw Dustin and Charla both throw up. Charla forced herself to throw up in a rather comedic yet disgusting moment, while Dustin barfed naturally. The cousins bickered their way through the sausage along with Dani and Eric who just bickered for fun this time. Both new teams finished around the same time and were then unsplit, giving them all equal ground.

The next task was to lead a horse while dressed as a knight, but Charla and Mirna had some trouble before that! They hired a taxi to take them to the location, who in turn hired another taxi to help him get there. The two girls didn’t want to pay for two taxis and freaked out, I mean literally freaked out when they learned that they had to pay both. Mirna went off on a rant on how she was a young girl and wasn’t made of money. Now doesn’t she boast that she’s a rich lawyer? They ended up just having one taxi who took them out of pity it seemed.

Dustin and Candice got to the Road Block first and quickly led the horse to Phil, coming in third place. Charla and Mirna arrived next closely followed by the Guidos and Eric and Dani. CBS must really be enjoying the falling this week as both Michelle from Survivor and Charla had some AMAZING falls! It looked like it hurt, but who doesn’t like to see a little pain sometimes? Not ready to be up stood by Fiji’s Michelle, Charla fell not once but TWICE. Now that’s what I call a great reality moment!

And without further ado, I present you this great moment in Reality Television:

Charla and Mirna finally checked in fourth with the Guidos right behind them. They were marked for elim and Phil told them to stand aside, giving Dani and Eric the fifth place over them. The Guidos didn’t seem too upset to be out but I guess they knew it was coming. Next week seems to have a few good moments as fights between Charla/Mirna and Dani/Eric, the two most bickering teams ever, bicker between EACH OTHER! Now that’s a showdown to watch for!

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