Posted by: Joe Reality | April 5, 2007

Tempers Fly on MTV’s RV

So I actually watched two weeks in a row, is that a new record? It was a pretty good episode I must admit. Dave was sent to the pit last week and was furious about it. He had to battle Shane in the fumble challenge and came out winning. There was no chance for Shane to win this one, Dave just tore right through him.

When Dave arrived back on the RV all hell broke loose thanks to the Roadies being able to see the episodes while the show progresses. Tori found out that Dave was calling her fake behind her back (or to the cameras) and wasn’t too happy about it. When Dave returned to the RV all the girls were pissed as you could tell from their faces. Tori and Dave got into each others face. Tori held her own though with a little help from Susie butting in, I was surprised at Susie as well, I wouldn’t have expected either of those two girls to leash out like that. Dave didn’t seemed too phased until Tori began to cry and apologized for calling her names but not for calling her fake.

They all kissed and made up for the challenge. As they waited for their little phone to ring we saw some “assassins” raid the camp. Kina freaked out and it was obvious she was acting. She was the only one to act all freaked while the others seemed rather amused and enjoyed the little stunt show that happened in front of their eyes. It was obvious MTV sent the guys and it is obvious that Kina is a bad actor.

At the challenge they had to drive Dune buggies following a course. The course was set into three parts where they had to have two different people in the car for each section. They had only 15 minutes to complete the task and failed by over 4 minutes. The “leader” of the assassin group somewhat laughed them off, saying how lowsey they were but was giving them “a second shot” at gaining the $10,000 added to the bank by having them complete a solo jump each. They had to reach 150 feet based on the two best jumps and once again did not complete the task and had to send ONE person into the Pit. Now if I remember right I thought after failing two missions they had to send two people into the pit. This is at least their third, and just sending one person in doesn’t seem right. It would have been SO good to see them have to choose one of the girls to go in b/c obviously the three girls will never go in again. But eh, the producers change things on a whim and I think that’s why this may be the last season of the show.

Dave was going to be sent into the Pit for the second time in a row, but Derek took the fall and threw himself into the pit instead. It has to be coming to an end soon and even though this episode was pretty good, it will never be as good as the challenges are now.

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