Posted by: masugahau | April 6, 2007

Twiggy Teaches History

Last Week: Sarah won a challenge she didn’t deserve. The girls dressed like men and Diana went home.


This Week:

It all began with Twiggy telling the girls how she got her nickname. Basically she has thin legs… kind of anti-climactic, but whatever. The girls then made their own nicknames, which are mostly stupid:


Brittany – “Brit”

Dionne – “Wholahay” (Changed to “Brown” by Tyra)

Jael – “Jael”

Jaslene – “Jaslene”

Natasha – “Nata”

Renee – “Nayien” (Changed to “NeNe” by Tyra)

Sarah – “Moe”

Whitney – “Whitelle”


Wholahay, btw, is the name of a woman who dates older men and apparently Dionne does, too… Anyway, haha, they had to unveil their names at a SmartWater party. Jael and Nata acted like real fools and Benny Madina, Tyra’s manager, definitely noticed. Basically, Jael pissed off 50 Cent and he pushed her in the pool. For some odd reason Natasha jumped in after her and they went from the pool into their meeting with Benny Madina. Then Jael went on to announce that she thought she had impressed him. Whatever, she’s driving me nuts.


Then the girls got to show their many sides in a photoshoot that they got to construct. I was actually kind of impressed with several of the girls, but definitely not Sarah or Brit. Sarah looked like a mannequin half the time. After the photoshoot Dionne, Whitney, and… I don’t remember who else, got to do a photoshoot for Keds because they won the Benny Medina challenge. I think Dionne did a great job and she’s certainly catching my attention. I also noticed this episode that she reminds me of Danielle, winner of season 6. I wouldn’t mind if she won, too.


Then came the DRAMA. Tyra came to visit and the girls went down the line announcing all the things they hate about Renee. It was weird. Renee’s excuse for being such a bitch was that people have hurt her… okay, well, that’s no excuse.


ck, let’s just get to it… elimination. I don’t even care about call-out order, check wikipedia. Final Two: Sarah and Whitney. Whitney, however, will get another chance to me mediocre next week. Sarah, on the other hand, is no longer in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model.


Tune in next week to see some ex-models and my favorite president, Pedro.

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