Posted by: Joe Reality | April 6, 2007

When Quitters Quit and Losers Continue to Lose

The newest episode of Survivor showed a few of the players in a new light while Lisi, on the other hand, continues to remain the same whining loser who thinks she better then the rest. The episode opened at Ravu, what else is new, and the search was on for the hidden idol. Mookie, Alex and Ed began the ultimate search to find the idol and they came out victorious. Now this would be a rather normal event, BUT it was done in broad daylight with Lisi and Dreamz literally sleeping 5 feet away! The idol was hidden right at Lisi’s feet, yet she never woke up or realize what was going on UNTIL the idol was found. Lisi woke up as Mookie concealed the hole, and thought he was just searching. She then let us know that nobody could ever get past her while searching as she is just too good for that. Oh how I love editing!

Over at Moto the tribe was still somewhat split between old Moto and old Ravu. We see Earl continuing his leadership role by meeting with Michelle, so he can know how HIS plans should shift for what Michelle finds out. He’s using her rather well and he’s using Yau rather well. I may be stupid to call a winner this early, but Earl has a great shot at winning right now. Michelle then goes on to say how Stacey would be the next to go in her opinion. She let’s us know the obvious that they are carbon copies of each other. Well other then the fact one talks and ones it a mute.

The reward challenge was fun to watch. Each of the tribes had two hours to practice a meke, a native Fijian dance. It was amusing to just see they TRY and dance. Both tribes were struggling in certain areas, Ravu more then others. Lisi began to put herself even higher on the list of most hated Survivor’s ever as she explained the challenges were a joke for her and she really didn’t care about winning. Um wasn’t she the most excited about the food last round? She’s such a sore loser!

The actual dances were even better to watch. Moto seemed rather organized and together, they kept up rather well and were praised by the judges who I quickly labeled Randy, Paula and Simon. Ravu was, as usually, completely out of it as they had no rhythm and were completely off beat. None of them were on the same move, Lisi especially. Moto easily won the challenge and feasted on several food choices. They once again sent Lisi to exile, giving her another shot at expressing her resentment for the game.

They seemed to jump right into the immunity challenge. Lisi returned from exile and was “dancing” back to the beach, oddly. The challenge was a rehash of a few seasons but showed who is a true survivor in some respects. The tribes had three “jobs” to do. They had to first use a blow-dart, next they used a spear and last was a bow and arrow. The person closest to the middle of the circle would win points for their tribe. The tribe with the most points in the end would win immunity. In the first section the two tribes went back and worth, but Boo took the win with the closest dart, giving Moto one point. In the next heat, Moto also took the win with Yau scoring the closest shot. In the bow and arrow section, Edgardo talked up how good of shot he was. Obviously he thinks higher of himself then he is as he didn’t even hit the target! Yau once again gained the points for Moto, sweeping all three sections and claiming another immunity win for the tribe!

When returning to their beach, Ravu seemed burned out once again. Lisi let the whole tribe know that she wanted to be voted out and nobody objected. She then went on to bash the whole tribe in an interview, letting us know how much of a loser Moto was. Well the guys are losers and are the reason they can never win. Of course she had nothing to do with all their loses! She always scored them at least SOME points and was the only one to even attempt at the challenges. I hope you realize I’m being sarcastic, Lisi should never have been casted and should look in the mirror when calling someone a loser.

Oh and did I forget to mention that 10 minutes before tribal council she decides that she doesn’t want to quit and wants to stick around for at least one more round. What the hell is wrong with her! She obviously lost her mind in Fiji, let’s just hope she finds it by the time the show ends. At tribal council Dreamz pulled out all the stops to anger Lisi and push her even further into just quiting. It didn’t seem to work though as she begged them to keep her in. It didn’t work, thank God, and Lisi was FINALLY sent packing.

The next episodes adds a new twist to the game and it seems like they will be living on Exile Island for their merger. That would be interesting but would kind of make Exile somewhat useless then. Also I hear there is a twist after the Immunity idol, let’s hope it’s a good one!

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