Posted by: Joe Reality | April 9, 2007

Your Last…. BUT!

So last night’s Amazing Race episode showed mostly four of the final five teams, and to be honest I completely forgot Uchenna and Joyce were missing! Is it just me or has the seasons really been flying by fast? I mean we are already at the final four and it seems like only yesterday I was watching the premiere. All five teams departed from their Pit Stop in Poland and searched for the best flight. Uchenna and Joyce got a pretty early flight but only had a one hour lay over before their connection. Everyone else was too scared to take it, but Uchenna and Joyce grabbed the tickets and took off to what would be their doom. Charla and Mirna got the earliest flight, somehow finding one that nobody else could get a hold of. Their hogging of two computers angered Dani and Eric as we listened to the cousins attest to how nice and honest they were.

Charla and Mirna landed first and with the help of a friend on the plane, found a quick route to the clue. They ended up not using the Yield, saying they “hoped they never saw their picture on their.” Do I smell some foreshadowing for a future episode? They chose to chow down on some cookies, they had to find ONE cookie with a licorice center out of about a MILLION cookies. It seemed impossible but they tried for awhile after some local “fans” cheered them on.

The other three teams minus Uchenna/Joyce arrived about two hours later. Dustin and Kandice were the only ones to not attempt the cookies and instead went right to the fabric painting challenge. They were also the first out of the three to the yeild and again decided to use it. They forced Eric and Dani to wait for no reason, just like they did to Bama last season. It ended up with Bama in the F3 and them out F4, maybe it will happen once again! Wouldn’t that be very deja-vu like. The blondes didn’t take too long at the fabric challenge as they were just finishing up as Charla and Mirna were switching tasks.

Danny and Oswald were the next ones to try the cookies and ended up arguing about the clue itself. They ended up walking away from the task but decided to give it one more shot before quitting it again. They ultimately went and did the fabric challenge as well. Eric and Dani were the only ones to successfully complete the cookie challenge with Dani finding the licorice cooking. She ended up doing the most for their team this leg, how interesting. Back over at the fabric challenge, Mirna had to do the whole thing herself as Charla couldn’t lift the stamper thing. Charla did help in painting the fabric though but it still seemed to slow them down. Danny and Oswald were still arguing and ended up printing one too many stamps, forcing them to redo the challenge. Their luck seems to have finally ran out.

The Road Block was an interesting one. One person from each team had to ride a bike and have the locals bring them old newspapers. Kandice ended up doing the road block (even though Dustin HAD a paper route) and quickly grabbed enough paper to complete the task. They ended up first at the mat, again, and for once had a mistake-less run. Oh besides yielding Eric and Dani for no reason.

Mirna took the road block as well, Charla is too small for a bike. She had a lot of locals help her out and even lectured a young boy, telling him to stay in school and to not do drugs. Oh and she did it all while using her fake accent…. again. The cousins came in second place and seemed in high-spirits for once in a long time. It was then a bike race between Dani and Danny on who would get the most newspaper the fastest. Both had to go out twice since they didn’t get enough the first time and both used different tactics. Dani used locals to carry out paper and help her push her broken bike while Danny BOUGHT old newspapers from a store and drank some lemonade. I think we know how that one ended. Eric and Dani finally caught up since their past rounds and landed in third while Danny and Oswald came in last, well almost last.

Uchenna and Joyce FINALLY landed in Malaysia and found their first clue, telling them to go to the Pit Stop. Obviously they didn’t want to hold up Phil any longer so they send them packing without even letting them have a go at the challenges. It’s been done before but it’s an All Star race at least give the people a chance to think they have a chance!

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