Posted by: Joe Reality | April 13, 2007

Who Stole The Camp!?!?

Survivor, like Amazing Race, pulled out all the stops in one little episode with not one, not two, but three twists in one night! The game officially started when Moto and Ravu were both told to boat their way to exile island. Could they possibly be living on the snake infested beach? Nope, the production crew just needed some time to um, “steal” a few things. So they all go to Exile Island and find that they have now merged. They were given purple buffs and told to paddle back to Moto beach, where they got the shock of their lives.

Everyone was happy to be living in the original home they all built together but when they got “home” everything was stolen! I mean they should have thought they would take all the good stuff away. Mookie got the short end of the deal and never experienced luxury, but hey he didn’t really deserve it in my eyes. So it seems the “four horsemen” (don’t they know that name was used ages ago in BB5) think they are running the game, but Dreamz is on the outs since Mookie played it stupid and told him about the hidden idol. It angered the other two, Alex and Ed, and Ed even said he would kill Mookie if anyone finds out. Now that would be interesting for sure!

Nothing exciting occurred up until the immunity challenge. They all walked in and you could see the fear on their eyes as they saw, once again, their orange and green colors. Jeff pulled out a bag, that’s never good, and divided the merge tribe into two teams. For the immunity only half of them would go to TC, meaning they were essentially still on tribes. Jeff then pulled out a note, once again not a good thing, and they started up the challenge.

They first had to remember a set of symbols before floating down a river, gathering three puzzle bags off a coil. Yau was really good, once again, and helped pull ahead of the other team. They were rather neck and neck in the end buy Alex, Dreamz, Stacey, Michelle and Mookie ended up loosing to the others. Jeff pulled out the note and said they had to go to TC immediately, another shocking twist trying to salvage what is left of the season.

At TC there were two old Ravu and thre old Moto. Plus there were 3 of the 4 horsemen but Stacey somewhat counts as the fourth for them. Mookie talked to Dreamz about voting out Stacey before the IC even went down, so I was really expecting her to go as did those back at camp. Dreamz pulled a fast one on Mookie and voted out Michelle, giving one of the better people still on the show a fall out of the game.

Hopefully the next episode is as explosive as the preview says, too many twists seem to be weighing down this season and hopefully it can pick up soon enough!


  1. I thought the twists were impressive….Nice to know they’ve still got some up their sleeves. I have no idea who’s in the running anymore….probably the first time in awhile. They all seem to run together right now.

  2. I like the twists, it just seems like all the good personalities were voted out too early.

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