Posted by: Joe Reality | April 17, 2007

Kung Fooing in Hong Kong

The Amazing Race has never had so many tense and dramatic moments in airports then this season. It seem everyone is always arguing, crying or missing a flight and its all in the first 15 minutes of the show. Charla and Mirna got stuck in another fight but this time with the Beauty Queens. Everyone seems agitated at the girls for yielding Dani/Eric and it’s doing helping them like they had hoped. After both teams tried to bump each other off a waiting list it was the cousins vs the queens in a fight to get on the plane. Mirna dished out most of the comments while Charla just watched. They both ended up getting on the plane and it was Eric and Dani who missed out.

When they got to Hong Kong, Danny and Oswald were the first to arrive and learned there was a second Fast Forward. They somehow had the chance to take ANOTHER fast forward even though they had the last one with Uchenya and Joyce. I’m not sure when they started allowing people to take more then one, but hey it’s their show. The two had to take a ride in a stunt car that slided on its side. Oswald didn’t seem to want to do it but ended up giving in since he “came for the million.” The obviouslly came in first place and shows the fast forward isn’t what is used to be.

The remaining three teams had a rather amusing Detour to perform. Not only did they have to climb up an 11 story building, but they also had to avoid kung foo fighters along the way! Mirna kicked the fighters a few times while Dustin did the same. It would have been great to see one of the teams actually get knocked off from the fighters, but I doubt they could fight back.

Dustin and Kandice and Charla and Mirna were rather neck and neck until the ferry ride came along. The blondes took the right ferry, while Charla and Mirna were actually driven to the port where the ferry was supposed to land. They ended up taking a ferry back to the main land and had to then take a ferry back to the island, putting them closer with Dani/Erc who flew in a few hours behind them.

The Road Block was amusing as well, kicking down doors to find a clue. I’m not sure who thought of that one but it was fun to watch! Kandice found the clue pretty quickly and they were off to claim second place. Charla took the Road Block and let us know just how strong her legs were… although it did take her forever to find the clue. Eric was the one to do the Road Block and found the clue fairly easy as well.

It was a race between the cousins and Eric/Dani with Charla and Mirna coming in third place. Althouth they were last, Dani and Eric claimed a non-elim

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