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Your Last…. BUT!

So last night’s Amazing Race episode showed mostly four of the final five teams, and to be honest I completely forgot Uchenna and Joyce were missing! Is it just me or has the seasons really been flying by fast? I mean we are already at the final four and it seems like only yesterday I was watching the premiere. All five teams departed from their Pit Stop in Poland and searched for the best flight. Uchenna and Joyce got a pretty early flight but only had a one hour lay over before their connection. Everyone else was too scared to take it, but Uchenna and Joyce grabbed the tickets and took off to what would be their doom. Charla and Mirna got the earliest flight, somehow finding one that nobody else could get a hold of. Their hogging of two computers angered Dani and Eric as we listened to the cousins attest to how nice and honest they were.

Charla and Mirna landed first and with the help of a friend on the plane, found a quick route to the clue. They ended up not using the Yield, saying they “hoped they never saw their picture on their.” Do I smell some foreshadowing for a future episode? They chose to chow down on some cookies, they had to find ONE cookie with a licorice center out of about a MILLION cookies. It seemed impossible but they tried for awhile after some local “fans” cheered them on.

The other three teams minus Uchenna/Joyce arrived about two hours later. Dustin and Kandice were the only ones to not attempt the cookies and instead went right to the fabric painting challenge. They were also the first out of the three to the yeild and again decided to use it. They forced Eric and Dani to wait for no reason, just like they did to Bama last season. It ended up with Bama in the F3 and them out F4, maybe it will happen once again! Wouldn’t that be very deja-vu like. The blondes didn’t take too long at the fabric challenge as they were just finishing up as Charla and Mirna were switching tasks.

Danny and Oswald were the next ones to try the cookies and ended up arguing about the clue itself. They ended up walking away from the task but decided to give it one more shot before quitting it again. They ultimately went and did the fabric challenge as well. Eric and Dani were the only ones to successfully complete the cookie challenge with Dani finding the licorice cooking. She ended up doing the most for their team this leg, how interesting. Back over at the fabric challenge, Mirna had to do the whole thing herself as Charla couldn’t lift the stamper thing. Charla did help in painting the fabric though but it still seemed to slow them down. Danny and Oswald were still arguing and ended up printing one too many stamps, forcing them to redo the challenge. Their luck seems to have finally ran out.

The Road Block was an interesting one. One person from each team had to ride a bike and have the locals bring them old newspapers. Kandice ended up doing the road block (even though Dustin HAD a paper route) and quickly grabbed enough paper to complete the task. They ended up first at the mat, again, and for once had a mistake-less run. Oh besides yielding Eric and Dani for no reason.

Mirna took the road block as well, Charla is too small for a bike. She had a lot of locals help her out and even lectured a young boy, telling him to stay in school and to not do drugs. Oh and she did it all while using her fake accent…. again. The cousins came in second place and seemed in high-spirits for once in a long time. It was then a bike race between Dani and Danny on who would get the most newspaper the fastest. Both had to go out twice since they didn’t get enough the first time and both used different tactics. Dani used locals to carry out paper and help her push her broken bike while Danny BOUGHT old newspapers from a store and drank some lemonade. I think we know how that one ended. Eric and Dani finally caught up since their past rounds and landed in third while Danny and Oswald came in last, well almost last.

Uchenna and Joyce FINALLY landed in Malaysia and found their first clue, telling them to go to the Pit Stop. Obviously they didn’t want to hold up Phil any longer so they send them packing without even letting them have a go at the challenges. It’s been done before but it’s an All Star race at least give the people a chance to think they have a chance!

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In Search of: Marriage Successes

A new show is looking to show successful marriages that many said would never last. The winners of the show will win a brand new house and several other prizes.


The major network is kicking off its national casting tour for a fun new show in which couples will compete both mentally and physically to win an AMAZING HOME! They also have the chance to obtain fantastic prizes along the way!

Do you have a recent marriage success story? Did people doubt your
choice in a partner because of age, race, faith or sexual orientation? How did you beat the odds and prove them all wrong to marry the man or woman of your dreams? Maybe you know a great couple who has a success story… Whatever the case we want to hear your stories!

We are looking for couples that are outgoing, fun and competitive!

What you should know before applying:

Couples must be available for production for four weeks in the summer.

Must be willing to move.

Must be married for two years or less (or commitment ceremony for same sex couples)



If you do not meet this description, you could also nominate a couple!

FROM NOON TO 4PM-ish (Will stay longer if there is a huge turnout!)


Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza
35 West Fifth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Renaissance Houston Hotel Greenway Plaza
6 Greenway Plaza East
Houston, TX 77046


J.W. Marriot Denver at Cherry Creek
150 Clayton Lane
Denver, CO 80206


NYC Time Square
Crown Plaza
1605 Broadway


Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown
21 North Juniper Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Renaissance Chicago Hotel
1 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601

If you would like to apply then click here:

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When Quitters Quit and Losers Continue to Lose

The newest episode of Survivor showed a few of the players in a new light while Lisi, on the other hand, continues to remain the same whining loser who thinks she better then the rest. The episode opened at Ravu, what else is new, and the search was on for the hidden idol. Mookie, Alex and Ed began the ultimate search to find the idol and they came out victorious. Now this would be a rather normal event, BUT it was done in broad daylight with Lisi and Dreamz literally sleeping 5 feet away! The idol was hidden right at Lisi’s feet, yet she never woke up or realize what was going on UNTIL the idol was found. Lisi woke up as Mookie concealed the hole, and thought he was just searching. She then let us know that nobody could ever get past her while searching as she is just too good for that. Oh how I love editing!

Over at Moto the tribe was still somewhat split between old Moto and old Ravu. We see Earl continuing his leadership role by meeting with Michelle, so he can know how HIS plans should shift for what Michelle finds out. He’s using her rather well and he’s using Yau rather well. I may be stupid to call a winner this early, but Earl has a great shot at winning right now. Michelle then goes on to say how Stacey would be the next to go in her opinion. She let’s us know the obvious that they are carbon copies of each other. Well other then the fact one talks and ones it a mute.

The reward challenge was fun to watch. Each of the tribes had two hours to practice a meke, a native Fijian dance. It was amusing to just see they TRY and dance. Both tribes were struggling in certain areas, Ravu more then others. Lisi began to put herself even higher on the list of most hated Survivor’s ever as she explained the challenges were a joke for her and she really didn’t care about winning. Um wasn’t she the most excited about the food last round? She’s such a sore loser!

The actual dances were even better to watch. Moto seemed rather organized and together, they kept up rather well and were praised by the judges who I quickly labeled Randy, Paula and Simon. Ravu was, as usually, completely out of it as they had no rhythm and were completely off beat. None of them were on the same move, Lisi especially. Moto easily won the challenge and feasted on several food choices. They once again sent Lisi to exile, giving her another shot at expressing her resentment for the game.

They seemed to jump right into the immunity challenge. Lisi returned from exile and was “dancing” back to the beach, oddly. The challenge was a rehash of a few seasons but showed who is a true survivor in some respects. The tribes had three “jobs” to do. They had to first use a blow-dart, next they used a spear and last was a bow and arrow. The person closest to the middle of the circle would win points for their tribe. The tribe with the most points in the end would win immunity. In the first section the two tribes went back and worth, but Boo took the win with the closest dart, giving Moto one point. In the next heat, Moto also took the win with Yau scoring the closest shot. In the bow and arrow section, Edgardo talked up how good of shot he was. Obviously he thinks higher of himself then he is as he didn’t even hit the target! Yau once again gained the points for Moto, sweeping all three sections and claiming another immunity win for the tribe!

When returning to their beach, Ravu seemed burned out once again. Lisi let the whole tribe know that she wanted to be voted out and nobody objected. She then went on to bash the whole tribe in an interview, letting us know how much of a loser Moto was. Well the guys are losers and are the reason they can never win. Of course she had nothing to do with all their loses! She always scored them at least SOME points and was the only one to even attempt at the challenges. I hope you realize I’m being sarcastic, Lisi should never have been casted and should look in the mirror when calling someone a loser.

Oh and did I forget to mention that 10 minutes before tribal council she decides that she doesn’t want to quit and wants to stick around for at least one more round. What the hell is wrong with her! She obviously lost her mind in Fiji, let’s just hope she finds it by the time the show ends. At tribal council Dreamz pulled out all the stops to anger Lisi and push her even further into just quiting. It didn’t seem to work though as she begged them to keep her in. It didn’t work, thank God, and Lisi was FINALLY sent packing.

The next episodes adds a new twist to the game and it seems like they will be living on Exile Island for their merger. That would be interesting but would kind of make Exile somewhat useless then. Also I hear there is a twist after the Immunity idol, let’s hope it’s a good one!

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Twiggy Teaches History

Last Week: Sarah won a challenge she didn’t deserve. The girls dressed like men and Diana went home.


This Week:

It all began with Twiggy telling the girls how she got her nickname. Basically she has thin legs… kind of anti-climactic, but whatever. The girls then made their own nicknames, which are mostly stupid:


Brittany – “Brit”

Dionne – “Wholahay” (Changed to “Brown” by Tyra)

Jael – “Jael”

Jaslene – “Jaslene”

Natasha – “Nata”

Renee – “Nayien” (Changed to “NeNe” by Tyra)

Sarah – “Moe”

Whitney – “Whitelle”


Wholahay, btw, is the name of a woman who dates older men and apparently Dionne does, too… Anyway, haha, they had to unveil their names at a SmartWater party. Jael and Nata acted like real fools and Benny Madina, Tyra’s manager, definitely noticed. Basically, Jael pissed off 50 Cent and he pushed her in the pool. For some odd reason Natasha jumped in after her and they went from the pool into their meeting with Benny Madina. Then Jael went on to announce that she thought she had impressed him. Whatever, she’s driving me nuts.


Then the girls got to show their many sides in a photoshoot that they got to construct. I was actually kind of impressed with several of the girls, but definitely not Sarah or Brit. Sarah looked like a mannequin half the time. After the photoshoot Dionne, Whitney, and… I don’t remember who else, got to do a photoshoot for Keds because they won the Benny Medina challenge. I think Dionne did a great job and she’s certainly catching my attention. I also noticed this episode that she reminds me of Danielle, winner of season 6. I wouldn’t mind if she won, too.


Then came the DRAMA. Tyra came to visit and the girls went down the line announcing all the things they hate about Renee. It was weird. Renee’s excuse for being such a bitch was that people have hurt her… okay, well, that’s no excuse.


ck, let’s just get to it… elimination. I don’t even care about call-out order, check wikipedia. Final Two: Sarah and Whitney. Whitney, however, will get another chance to me mediocre next week. Sarah, on the other hand, is no longer in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model.


Tune in next week to see some ex-models and my favorite president, Pedro.

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Tempers Fly on MTV’s RV

So I actually watched two weeks in a row, is that a new record? It was a pretty good episode I must admit. Dave was sent to the pit last week and was furious about it. He had to battle Shane in the fumble challenge and came out winning. There was no chance for Shane to win this one, Dave just tore right through him.

When Dave arrived back on the RV all hell broke loose thanks to the Roadies being able to see the episodes while the show progresses. Tori found out that Dave was calling her fake behind her back (or to the cameras) and wasn’t too happy about it. When Dave returned to the RV all the girls were pissed as you could tell from their faces. Tori and Dave got into each others face. Tori held her own though with a little help from Susie butting in, I was surprised at Susie as well, I wouldn’t have expected either of those two girls to leash out like that. Dave didn’t seemed too phased until Tori began to cry and apologized for calling her names but not for calling her fake.

They all kissed and made up for the challenge. As they waited for their little phone to ring we saw some “assassins” raid the camp. Kina freaked out and it was obvious she was acting. She was the only one to act all freaked while the others seemed rather amused and enjoyed the little stunt show that happened in front of their eyes. It was obvious MTV sent the guys and it is obvious that Kina is a bad actor.

At the challenge they had to drive Dune buggies following a course. The course was set into three parts where they had to have two different people in the car for each section. They had only 15 minutes to complete the task and failed by over 4 minutes. The “leader” of the assassin group somewhat laughed them off, saying how lowsey they were but was giving them “a second shot” at gaining the $10,000 added to the bank by having them complete a solo jump each. They had to reach 150 feet based on the two best jumps and once again did not complete the task and had to send ONE person into the Pit. Now if I remember right I thought after failing two missions they had to send two people into the pit. This is at least their third, and just sending one person in doesn’t seem right. It would have been SO good to see them have to choose one of the girls to go in b/c obviously the three girls will never go in again. But eh, the producers change things on a whim and I think that’s why this may be the last season of the show.

Dave was going to be sent into the Pit for the second time in a row, but Derek took the fall and threw himself into the pit instead. It has to be coming to an end soon and even though this episode was pretty good, it will never be as good as the challenges are now.

Posted by: Joe Reality | April 3, 2007

The Amazing Race Gets Twisted!

I think the last two legs of the Amazing Race proved to be the most twisted episode of the series. With back to back fun we had several breakdowns, fights and overall great moments. The teams started off Zanzibar where they were given a default plane flight, but of course none of them wanted it. Several of the teams waited tremendously long to grab better seats, all but the Guidos and Dani/Eric found better tickets. One interesting thing happened at the ticket counters. Uchena and Joyce called the travel agent rather then actually going to the place. Well it ended up that all the other teams were at THAT travel agent and told the lady on the phone to just “hang up”. Now don’t you think they would have realized that Uchenna would hear them? Oh I almost forgot to mention the Dani/Eric melt down! Dani wanted to stay at the very full travel agent while Eric wanted to just take the default plane. They freaked out on each other for having bad attitudes and just being overall stupid. It was fun to watch but could have cost them the game. Had Eric listened to Dani, they could have gotten an earlier flight as soon after, the other teams finally grabbed some new tickets.

The four teams who did not take the default flight ended up in Poland, and what a country it was! Dustin and Candice arrived first, did they not screw up for once?!?!, and had to choose between fixing the pitch of a piano or taking an x-ray of a manikin. Since Dustin played the piano since she was 6, she knew what to do and put them in first place for the first time in All Stars. Danny and Oswald and Charla and Mirna both chose the piano challenge around the same time and both had many problems. Danny broke the piano cord several times and it took them several attempts to get it right, but they finally did giving them second place.

Charla and Mirna had no luck tuning the piano and gave up, heading out to the streets and to carry a manikin. While they did that, Uchenna and Joyce showed up and completed the piano challenge fairly quickly, even after looking in BATHROOMS for the pianos, they took 3rd for the leg. Back to Charla and Mirna. They had MANY problems with the locals who wouldn’t talk to them to begin with, and now they needed help while carrying a manikin! You could tell they were frustrated and almost in tears. Finally they found a girl who would speak to them, or to them someone that would actually speak period. The girl helped them find the x-ray location and they, after some bickering, found the location to the next pit stop and came in fourth place.

Eric and Dani and the Guidos had no luck with the default plane and were delayed almost 15 hours. Dani freaked out once again, saying she just wants a flight home. Doesn’t she know she has to go to Acapulco to the Elim Station before that? Joe from the Guidos freaked out as well, yelling at a PLANE to stop. It didn’t do any good, just made him look like a freak.

The next leg started without Eric/Dani and the Guidos even in Poland yet, but a equalizer quickly fixed that. Those who were onto the next leg quickly learned they didn’t have a chartered bus ride for about another 12 hours, so we didn’t seem much of them for awhile.

Eric and Dani and the Guidos finally arrived in Poland. Eric and Dani took the Piano Detour and we see them actually rather calm. Even though Eric broke a string, Dani didn’t freak out or cry, I’m impressed! Joe and Bill tried their hand at the x-ray Detour and were rather impressed by the manikins. It was a race to get the Detour done and Eric and Dani finished faster, coming in 5th place for the leg. This meant the Guidos were out, but wait! Of course they would have a non-elim leg, I mean it was a two hour episode, anyone could have seen that coming. Even though they were about 10 hours behind, the Guidos were spared and became marked for elimination.

The next “officially” began and the first charter bus left at 1pm with Dustin/Candice, Oswald/Danny and Uchenna/Joyce on route to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The teams arrived and the show became somewhat like a documentary, showing us scenes from around the camp. It was a rather nice touch to the show and added a much need “history” lesson that the show had been lacking for awhile. The teams first had to light a candle in remembrance and all were touched.

And then BOOM another twist hits the teams. After having a touching moment, the producers decide to pull out last seasons Intersection sign, forcing the teams to pair up to create 4 person teams. Uchenna/Joyce and Oswald/Danny were the first two teams to the intersection and BOOM another twist! The fast forward shows up and both teams decide to take it. It was rather easy, having to count the number of steps in two towers. I mean come on, who didn’t want to see Joyce shave her head again? They obviously both came in first but only one, Uchenna/Joyce get the first place prize.

Dustin and Candice had to wait three hours for another team to arrive since the second bus left that much later. The remaining three teams all had to light candles and we had less of a history lesson then before. Candice and Dustin tell us that they don’t want Charla and Mirna to be intersected with them, but of course that’s what happens. Oh how I love good timing! They were given a Detour while intersected and both new teams chose to make sausage then eat 2 feet of it each. Then the barfing ensued!

Both teams were neck and neck for awhile, even though the all girl team got their first. We saw Dustin and Charla both throw up. Charla forced herself to throw up in a rather comedic yet disgusting moment, while Dustin barfed naturally. The cousins bickered their way through the sausage along with Dani and Eric who just bickered for fun this time. Both new teams finished around the same time and were then unsplit, giving them all equal ground.

The next task was to lead a horse while dressed as a knight, but Charla and Mirna had some trouble before that! They hired a taxi to take them to the location, who in turn hired another taxi to help him get there. The two girls didn’t want to pay for two taxis and freaked out, I mean literally freaked out when they learned that they had to pay both. Mirna went off on a rant on how she was a young girl and wasn’t made of money. Now doesn’t she boast that she’s a rich lawyer? They ended up just having one taxi who took them out of pity it seemed.

Dustin and Candice got to the Road Block first and quickly led the horse to Phil, coming in third place. Charla and Mirna arrived next closely followed by the Guidos and Eric and Dani. CBS must really be enjoying the falling this week as both Michelle from Survivor and Charla had some AMAZING falls! It looked like it hurt, but who doesn’t like to see a little pain sometimes? Not ready to be up stood by Fiji’s Michelle, Charla fell not once but TWICE. Now that’s what I call a great reality moment!

And without further ado, I present you this great moment in Reality Television:

Charla and Mirna finally checked in fourth with the Guidos right behind them. They were marked for elim and Phil told them to stand aside, giving Dani and Eric the fifth place over them. The Guidos didn’t seem too upset to be out but I guess they knew it was coming. Next week seems to have a few good moments as fights between Charla/Mirna and Dani/Eric, the two most bickering teams ever, bicker between EACH OTHER! Now that’s a showdown to watch for!

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In Search of Sunday: Dreamers

ABC is currently looking for big dreamers who want those who really want their dreams to come true. I think this is for the “American Dream Vote” which is currently airing. If you like the show or just want your dream to come true then think of applying!

Do you have a dream that you have always wanted fulfilled since childhood? New show on ABC wants to make your dream come true. BIG PRIZES!!

Perhaps you always wanted to:

Become a firefighter or policeman, even just for the day
Fly a plane
Captain a boat
Engineer a train
Be an Olympic athlete
Dance with the Rockettes
Become a Race car driver

Anything similar………

You will NOT receive a response from us if you dream is any of the following:
to own a home
to win money
to be a famous actor/actress/singer

Be creative we are open to ALL types of stories (except for the above 3 mentioned)!!!

To Apply Click Here:

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Last Week on ANTM: Felicia was given the heave-ho. Dionne was told she looked like a Top Model auditioner. Renee tried to be nice and basically failed.

This Week on ANTM: As the episode begins we are reintroduced to the classic catty model situation: bitching. Whitney was discussing Natasha’s family situation including the age of her husband. I would tell her to mind her own business, but truth be told I was totally interested as soon as I found out and I spent the next twenty minutes googling “Stuart Galkina”.

The challenge was to dress themselves and apparently the girls can’t. When they were put in outfits by the stylists they pointed out all these things they liked only to be told they were very, very wrong. The girls had pointed out everything that was wrong with the outfits and, hilariously enough, Natasha refused to take that criticism. She said that models are supposed to like what they are told to wear. Well, I couldn’t agree more. Natasha- 1; Stylists- 0. Later during the actual challenge Sarah won because Dionne picked out her outfit. Then Sarah, after being told she won, told the judges how much she like the blue top she had picked. She had picked? Sarah didn’t pick it. Little brat.

At the photo shoot the girls, as promised, dressed as men. Natasha completely outshone the others as a gangster man whereas Diana looked kinda like Danny Devito in her picture. Not good. Prediction- Diana goes home, bottom two with Whitney. I don’t remember Jael’s photoshoot at all, come to think, so who knows.

Haha, I do. First called, Natasha, then Dionne, then Brittany, then, my fav, Jaslene, then Sarah, then Renee, then Jael, Bottom two: Diana and Whitney. I swear I made those guesses before I finished watching the episode. Seriously, I swear. However, as I predicted, bye bye Diana. It’s funny how you can watch the pictures each week and they seem fine but all of the sudden you see all of Diana’s pictures at a time and they look really bad. Yeah, this was the right move. I’m sorry Miss Diana, I did love you dearly, but you need to want to be a model more than just “cuz”.

Tyra is so incredibly annoying. I hope Nigel hosts next cycle. Top Five Interesting Facts I Learned Watching This Episode: 5. Natasha is 22 years younger than her husband… ew.
4. Models need to know how to dress. Um, I thought they needed to know how to move in the clothes they are given to wear.
3. Renee is bipolar. She really needs to go to a therapist. Like, today.
2. You do not want to piss Diana off. She will cackle. It’s scary.
1. Renee cannot tell a mannequin from a real person. That’s not good.

Tune in next Wednesday at 8 on the CW to see 50 cent, Nicole Ritchie, and Paris Hilton.

Posted by: Joe Reality | March 30, 2007

The Survivors Are Falling, The Survivors Are Falling!

Survivor Fiji is FINALLY getting good, and its the little things that making it even better. Our first stop was at Ravu where Lisi returned from exile to her new, all male, tribe. She seemed to fit it well and it seems they are treating her like one of the guys. Does anyone else find it strange that Lisi fits in better with Ravu then Anthony did? She has thought about her psycho moment and lets the tribe know she wants to stay and play the game. Should be interesting to see how she can handle the “poor” side. Over at Moto we saw another hidden idol search with Earl once again pulling the whole tribe away. With the new tools at Moto, Yau finds the idol in no time. It seems rather, bland, but he loves it! I mean he was kissing it and basically licking it and all. He seemed somewhat sadistic, in a funny way.

It was time for the reward challenge and it was an interesting one. It seems like the challenge crew are coming up with a bunch of new challenges this season and they have all been amusing so far. Each tribe had three targets to hit and were given flame throwers. It seemed more like a yard game with a flaming ball, but was fun to watch. Both tribes were equal on the first target, but Ravu pulled ahead getting all three pretty quickly, meaning Ravu has FINALLY won a challenge. I was amused, but Ravu doesn’t contain like able people anymore so, eh. The reward was a fun one though. They were flown to a local arcade and fed, to the brim, with hot dogs and beer. I never saw such big rolls and they sure ate a lot! They had some time to play a few rounds bowling and pool before up chucking. Rocky opened his big mouth, once again, to let the tribe know he wasn’t sick at all, digging himself a deeper whole. Back at Moto Yau became even more sadistic, but this time in a freakin genious way! He hides a fake immunity idol joking, “there are so many idols flying around this island.” It will be the BEST moment ever if someone finds the fake idol and tries to use it at TC. I’m looking forward to it actually so the producers better deliver!

The immunity challenge was, once again, a hilarious one in a very unintentional way. The best moment didn’t come until the end where Michelle, who danced her way as the caller, fell straight off the edge of the fairly high platform. I mean it was just so random, but made for one great moment! She bounced right back up, unharmed, and started screaming at Yau. For some reason Boo jumped up for her and started yelling for Yau, not sure why they made the switch. Maybe Michelle’s brain get too raddled. Moto came in with the win, again, and I was VERY happy and still cracking up at Michelle’s fall. And now for your viewing pleasure:

Get’s better every time! Ravu was once again discussing the vote that came down to Rocky and Lisi, but mostly Rocky. Lisi showed that she isn’t the smartest in the bunch as she “thought she knew where the immunity idol was” and thought the clues were “confusing”. I mean the clues say that the idol is hidden under the highest part of the cave, how confusing is that? Anyway, Rocky kept his big mouth open and continued to annoy the rest of the players. Nobody seemed to tell him that he would receive some votes and he ended up leaving with a shock. He didn’t say much until he got to the confessional booth, screaming for about a minute then just breaking loose.

Next week seems like a good one as well with Lisi freaking out, once again, and another mass search for the idol over at Ravu. I don’t really remember anything about Moto in the preview but hopefully they show the falling clip one more time!

Posted by: Joe Reality | March 29, 2007

What’s Your Favorite Big Brother Moment?

Live Wire Big Brother, a site that I’ve been helping out with since its start, is currently looking for the Top 20 Big Brother moments! Soon we will be starting our survey but first we need YOU to give us your all time favorite moments to add to our list! S

All you have to do is click here and leave a comment on the page that opens with your favorite Big Brother moment of all time. It won’t be too long before we can start spying on the houseguests once again, oh the memories!

Make sure to head over to Live Wire Big Brother and leave your mark with your favorite BB memory! Also make sure to check back soon because we have an interview with Robyn Kass, casting director of BB8, in the works!

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