Posted by: Joe Reality | March 30, 2007

The Survivors Are Falling, The Survivors Are Falling!

Survivor Fiji is FINALLY getting good, and its the little things that making it even better. Our first stop was at Ravu where Lisi returned from exile to her new, all male, tribe. She seemed to fit it well and it seems they are treating her like one of the guys. Does anyone else find it strange that Lisi fits in better with Ravu then Anthony did? She has thought about her psycho moment and lets the tribe know she wants to stay and play the game. Should be interesting to see how she can handle the “poor” side. Over at Moto we saw another hidden idol search with Earl once again pulling the whole tribe away. With the new tools at Moto, Yau finds the idol in no time. It seems rather, bland, but he loves it! I mean he was kissing it and basically licking it and all. He seemed somewhat sadistic, in a funny way.

It was time for the reward challenge and it was an interesting one. It seems like the challenge crew are coming up with a bunch of new challenges this season and they have all been amusing so far. Each tribe had three targets to hit and were given flame throwers. It seemed more like a yard game with a flaming ball, but was fun to watch. Both tribes were equal on the first target, but Ravu pulled ahead getting all three pretty quickly, meaning Ravu has FINALLY won a challenge. I was amused, but Ravu doesn’t contain like able people anymore so, eh. The reward was a fun one though. They were flown to a local arcade and fed, to the brim, with hot dogs and beer. I never saw such big rolls and they sure ate a lot! They had some time to play a few rounds bowling and pool before up chucking. Rocky opened his big mouth, once again, to let the tribe know he wasn’t sick at all, digging himself a deeper whole. Back at Moto Yau became even more sadistic, but this time in a freakin genious way! He hides a fake immunity idol joking, “there are so many idols flying around this island.” It will be the BEST moment ever if someone finds the fake idol and tries to use it at TC. I’m looking forward to it actually so the producers better deliver!

The immunity challenge was, once again, a hilarious one in a very unintentional way. The best moment didn’t come until the end where Michelle, who danced her way as the caller, fell straight off the edge of the fairly high platform. I mean it was just so random, but made for one great moment! She bounced right back up, unharmed, and started screaming at Yau. For some reason Boo jumped up for her and started yelling for Yau, not sure why they made the switch. Maybe Michelle’s brain get too raddled. Moto came in with the win, again, and I was VERY happy and still cracking up at Michelle’s fall. And now for your viewing pleasure:

Get’s better every time! Ravu was once again discussing the vote that came down to Rocky and Lisi, but mostly Rocky. Lisi showed that she isn’t the smartest in the bunch as she “thought she knew where the immunity idol was” and thought the clues were “confusing”. I mean the clues say that the idol is hidden under the highest part of the cave, how confusing is that? Anyway, Rocky kept his big mouth open and continued to annoy the rest of the players. Nobody seemed to tell him that he would receive some votes and he ended up leaving with a shock. He didn’t say much until he got to the confessional booth, screaming for about a minute then just breaking loose.

Next week seems like a good one as well with Lisi freaking out, once again, and another mass search for the idol over at Ravu. I don’t really remember anything about Moto in the preview but hopefully they show the falling clip one more time!


  1. That fall looks like it should have really hurt! She just laughed it off though….

    Great season so far….I’m rooting for Earl.

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